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Practical Magic- Ritual Incense Cones- Attraction, Bewitch and Enchant

Practical Magic- Increase Your Powers of Attraction, Sweeten the Deal, Achieve a Good Outcome, Bewitch and Enchant


Call upon blessings to help you get your way—or get whatever you want—with our Practical Magic Incense Cones. Whether you’re in the midst of a lover’s quarrel, looking for recognition at work, or just want to appear more attractive, Practical Magic cones are great when you need to win someone over or call more sweetness into your life. 


The Conjured Saint’s ritual incense blends are master-crafted from natural heartwoods, saps, resins, herbs, and flowers, and honey-drenched with intoxicating essential and essence oils that will fill your sacred space with the energy and magic of intent. Made with luxurious brown sugar, Practical Magic increases your powers of attraction and helps you bewitch those who cross your path. It is also blended with lemon, a purifying ingredient used to cleanse love and friendship relationships.


Crafted in small batches, with premium quality ingredients and focused magical intent, the incense cones are soaked in reverberating blends of many magical oils, then naturally air-dried and cured before packaging. Each batch is created under its corresponding moon phase to enhance and heighten your practice and sacred space.


Practical Magic is blessed on The Conjured Saint’s sacred altar. It features a sweet warm fragrance and is made with sparkling citrus, Sicilian Lemon, caramel, warm amber, cypress, and brown sugar.


You will receive 10 premium, handcrafted incense cones.

Cones are being made and soaked.

Pre-Order * Ships Sep 28th

Practical Magic- Ritual Incense Cones- Attraction, Bewitch and Enchant

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