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RICH Witch Oil & Candle- Helps Budgeting, Manage Cash Flow, Earning Power

you will recive 1 VERY LARGE CANDLE & 1 OIL!!!


Budget better, spend smarter and start attracting wealth when you change your attitude around money with The Conjured Saint’s Rich Witch Oil. A unique proprietary blend inspired by The Conjured Saint’s own habits and rituals around wealth, Rich Witch is artfully infused with crystals, green herbs, botanicals, roots, and oils that work together to bring grounding energy to your spending. The energy around this oil is about appreciating and respecting what you have, so you can ultimately attract more. It is blended to bring inspiration and clarity to your thoughts around your earning power, potential, purchases, and budget.


Use it on green candles for prosperity, orange candles for success, and white or blue candles in the spirit of thanks. It may also be used to anoint a checkbook, debit card, bill, bank statement, or even a written budget plan. Put a few drops in the bath and celebrate your blessings, while asking for them to continue and increase.


Mulberrys have a decent amount of magical properties tucked away inside of them. They are terrific for bringing strength and aiding in keeping you focused on your financial goals and strengthing your will power for saving and budgeting they also make a great aid in protection, both mentally and physically.


If you practice ancestral work, these berries (and the bark of the tree) are great for helping in connection with ancestors and guides. These berries also help bring wisdom! White fig and citron leaves are other secrets ingredients in this formula white fig leaves are said to ground money in your pockets and it is said sprinkling these leaves around your home will never make your home be without food or money. Citron leaves (picked from the Buddha's Hand plant) represents long life and wealth, In Tibet, Kubera a god of savings, wealth and riches. is known as Vaisravana and is often depicted as fat, dripping in jewels, and holding a citron leaf a symbolizing healthy cash flow. These two ingredients beautifully balance the power of this oil. 

RICH Witch Oil & Candle- Helps Budgeting, Manage Cash Flow, Earning Power

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