Road Opener 4oz Bath Bomb - Crystal Hidden Inside- Made with Abre Camino

Road Opener 4oz Bath Bomb With Hidden Crystal Inside!


Use this bath bomb on a Monday to remove stubborn obstacles, clear paths to opportunity, draw in good fortune, and clear the road ahead of you-better things lie ahead!


Notes: Essential Oils of Abre Camino, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Sage, Basil, Peppermint.


The lovely white flower tendrils of the Abre Camino evergreen reach out as if they know a path is opening just for them. Essential oils of this time-honored thoroughwort form the solid, earthy base for a most powerful aromatic blend. Supported by lemongrass, eucalyptus, sage, basil, and peppermint, there are few passages that will not release a bounty of opportunity upon its lighting. Leave every physical, emotional, or spiritual hindrance behind—walk out confidently onto the opening roads.


Bath Bombs let you soak the stress away! These luxury bath tablets are handcrafted using French mineral salts, almond oil, and white clay. Just dissolve one in your warm bath water to soothe sore muscles, detoxify the body, and leave you and your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and relaxed. 4 oz.


Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch, citric acid, European mineral salt, white clay, vitamin-rich oil, witch hazel, essential oil.


You will receive 1 bath bomb beautiful packaged. 

Road Opener 4oz Bath Bomb - Crystal Hidden Inside- Made with Abre Camino