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Abre Camino Cascarilla Powder- Blessing Ritual Powder- Remove Obstacles

The Conjured Saints Abre Camino Cascarilla Powder is used opens the road to success, fortune, love, and prosperity. This can help guide you down the right path when you reach a crossroad.


Made -100% Authentic "Open Roads" Wood

6 Ingredients + traditional Ash Work...

"Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow...


." This one smells fantastic! And yes, we use Abre Camino wood in this recipe.


This Road Opener Cascarilla Powder is handmade and our process is quite intensive, involving extensive Altar work. This powder has been months (and months) in the making...we are honored, and so excited, to finally offer it to you!  And as well, to introduce our new line of Cascarilla Powders and Spirits powders.


The Conjured Saints Cascarilla Powders can be used in many ways. Feed or dress candles, feed mojos, dress petitions, notes or letters for a extra boost of power!  When it comes to our traditional Hoodoo formulas the sky is the limit., Made of eggshell, hand ground herbs essential oils and much more.


*Cascarilla Powder it is a traditional Hoodoo spell-working aid, used for thousands of years to remove negative energy. It can be implemented before a ritual to purify the area, incorporated directly into a spell, or used on its own to cleanse and make room for positive vibrations. The Conjured Saint recommends using Cascarilla to create circles of protection or peppering it into the corners of a room to keep your home and loved ones safe. Sprinkle, spread, or pour this soft powder as part of your own intentions and reap the benefits of the light energy it attracts. Blessed on The Conjured Saint’s altar, our Cascarilla powder is the perfect tool to ward off negativity and keep your sacred space vibrating higher.


You will receive a small glass bottle of road openert cascarilla powder.


Abre Camino Cascarilla Powder- Blessing Ritual Powder- Remove Obstacles


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