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Saint Rita Altar Set- Oil, Water, Rose Incense, Roses and Relic Card

From the mountains of central Italy, in the village of Cascia, the Augustinian Sisters have not forgotten the saint who lived within the walls of the monastery of the Villages for 40 years.


Numerous testimonies of that time are still visible, including ex-votos. This small monastic cell was then the guardian of the saint's body until 1745. The first coffin of Saint Rita is there, as well as the painted wooden sarcophagus made later for her. In the adjacent cell, you can see the Golden Urn, the sarcophagus that housed the saint from 1745 to 1930. The nuptial ring of the saint and the crown of her rosary are also found there.


The monastery also houses the crucifix oratory. It is there that a thorn from Christ's crown came to touch the forehead of the Saint who implored him to share her suffering.

In homage to Saint Rita, a rose garden was created in the monastery. Indeed, the rose is the symbol of Saint Rita. Shortly before her death, Saint Rita asked a cousin who came to visit her to bring her a rose. This request was impossible to satisfy, as winter was still here. However, back in the village of Roccaporena, the cousin discovered a rose in the snow. She then hastened to bring it to Saint Rita. The rose petals that fall during the year are collected to be put in vials in honor of the Saint, which we offer in our product. 

In the village, we also produce pink rose incense, which accompanies the masses and the sisters of the monastery with the scent of holiness. In addition to incense and blessed rose petals, you will also have in our set dedicated to Saint Rita, oil, water also coming from Cascia, as well as a card containing a relic of the Saint of impossible causes. You also get a magnificent rosewood rosary whose sweet and pleasant scent will accompany your meditation of the mysteries of the rosary.


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Saint Rita Altar Set- Oil, Water, Rose Incense, Roses and Relic Card

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