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Sassafras Root 2oz- Money Plant Root, Sex Magic, Cleansing, Business Success

Sassafras Root-  is best known as a flavour in root beer, but is also widely believed to have the power to bring about Good Fortune in Money Matters, particularly through Business Success and the steady Increase of Wealth. Magically speaking, sassafras is a money root. It attracts business success and material wealth. Putting a little sassafras root in one’s wallet or purse where it will come into contact with your cash. keeps money from running out. Sprinkle under carpets in place of business once a week to attract Repeat Customers, aid Business Decisions, and draw in Cash.


Sassafras also is considered strongly protective and cleansing. It can be used as incense to ward off evil influences. As a tea it makes a good ritual tonic. It is frequently added to love charms and potions. Its warming, stimulating and aphrodisiac qualities make it very suitable for sex magic and tantric rituals. Native Americans also used to smoke the root bark.


You will receive 2oz Sassafras Root. 



Sassafras 2oz- Money Plant Root, Sex Magic, Cleansing, Business Success


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