Small Ribbed Cast Iron Cauldron- Abundance, Magic, Manifestation, Goddess

10 Ways to Use Your Cauldron

Symbolizing the feminine divine, the mysteries of creative force, and magic of womanhood, the cauldron embodies all the power of the Craft in one little cast-iron pot.  

Let the ideas below inspire you to use yours to its full advantage!


Try scrying in it.

If you’ve never tried scrying (the art of seeing visions in black mirrors) and you want to give it a go before investing in a real scrying mirror, fill your cast iron cauldron with water and put a few drops of black ink in it.  Instant, perfectly smooth scrying surface!


Use it for this banishing ritual.

The dark void of the cauldron imitates a black hole.  Throw something into it and watch it disappear into the cosmic abyss.


Perfect for fire festivals.

For solitary rituals, building a huge bonfire isn’t always practical.   Please be mindful of fire safety as you would any other ritual involving fire and NEVER let children or minors do it themselves!!  Build a mini fire in your cauldron exactly as you build it in a fire pit, with dry leaves and grasses to ignite it, and thick, broken twigs on top.  Throw in some herbs appropriate to the festival and watch it roar.


Make moon water.

Every once in a while, a tool proves both practical and symbolic.  The cauldron checks both boxes for making moon water.  Take advantage of this perfect vessel and brew up a batch for the coming full moon.


Burn oils.

A squat, tri-legged cauldron doubles nicely as an oil burner.  Pop a tea candle underneath, then experiment with different blends and come up with one that works for your ritual purpose.


Get kitchen witchin’.

Please note:  not all cauldrons purchases at specialty and occult shops are food safe.  Check to make sure yours is before you cook with it.  But if your cauldron is actually a cast iron kitchen utensil, or you know for sure it’s okay for food, it’s a cool way to add something special to your kitchen witch recipes.


Experiment with custom incense blends.

Get yourself a pack of charcoal disks.  Then go digging around your herb rack and bust out your burnables.  Play around with different combinations (like lavender and cinnamon—amazing for the full moon).  Experiment, create, and if you come up with a good blend, share it with us in the comments.

Gather rainwater.


Leave your cauldron outside to gather rainwater for use in spells and purification.  For added magick, toss in a couple of appropriate gemstones.  Then refrigerate until it’s ready for use.


Include it in fertility spells.

In modern witchcraft, the cauldron represents the womb.  This makes it perfect for fertility spells, abundance magic and spells to draw forth hidden potential.


Send your desires to the heavens.

Write your wishes, things you want to let go of or hopes for the future on a piece of natural parchment.  Light it, toss it in the cauldron with some wishing herbs, and watch the smoke rise to the heavens.  Bury the ashes and let fate have its way.

Blessed be.


a rather unique design, this black, Cast Iron Cauldron is a solid tool for any altar. Set upon three 1 1/4" legs, it starts wide at its base and tapers gently to a narrower mouth, and is encircled the entire way a sort of ribbing that leaves it with the appearance of being quite structurally strong. Two rings on its sides, by the cauldron`s mouth, support a small carrying handle which arches over the lid that settles in place and can be removed. The entire thing measures approximately 4 1/2" tall and 3 1/2" wide at its widest point.

Small Ribbed Cast Iron Cauldron- Abundance, Magic, Manifestation, Goddess


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