St. John The Baptist Sacred oil- “Blood of Christ.” Midsummer Rituals, Exorcisms

This oil is used for healing and ascension. Through the grace of St. John the Baptist, this sacred oil purifies thoughts and emotions and instills a sense of peace, divine communion, and spiritual bliss.  This is a perfect oil for Midsummer rituals, exorcisms, and longevity of spells. 


One of the ingredients in this oil is saint john wart, associated with St. John the Baptist. I have a small batch left that I made last year, which I make every year on his feast day. On the Eve of St. John the Baptist holy day, my family would pick and soak the plant in olive oil to create an anointing oil called the “Blood of Christ.” The base oil which I use to make this oil. The red sap “bleeds” in August on the day when St. John was beheaded.


The Feast of St. John closely coincides with the summer solstice, referred to as Midsummer in the Northern hemisphere. The Christian holy day is fixed at 24 June, but in most countries, festivities are mostly held the night before, on St. John's Eve.



Through you, St. John the Baptist, I experience the baptism of water and fire.

I purify in mind, body, soul, and spirit.

My pain is dissolved into the light.

I receive the blessings of the Holy Spirit.

I now embrace my Christ Self on Earth.


Thank you for looking. 

St. John The Baptist Sacred Oil- “Blood of Christ.” Midsummer Rituals, Exorcisms