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St. Rita Ritual Altar 7 Day Ritual Candle -Make Your Impossible Wishes Come True

St. Rita is the Patron Saint of Impossible Wishes and Causes  She can be requested for anything, but her areas of specialty include protection from abusive spouses and relationships as well as exes, infertility, tumors, hemorrhaging, and all "women's problems". She tends to favor divorced women and widows, single mothers, and abused women of any type. Although she wanted to be a nun, she married at 12 years old to a man her parents chose. She was abused by her alcoholic husband for 18 years.

Rita is the saint of impossible causes because of all the miracles associated with her throughout her life. It is believed that 5 days after Rita was born, a swarm of bees hovered over her while she was sleeping. They went inside her mouth without stinging her and remain her primary symbol.

Eventually, Rita's dream of becoming a nun came true, and she did get accepted into a convent after her husband and sons died. Other miracles happened when Rita was directed by her convent's Mother Superior to plant and water a stick as an exercise in obedience. So Rita did just that, and after a year of watering daily, it bloomed into a beautiful grapevine that still thrives to this day. The grapes are harvested annually from the convent and some are sent to the pope, while the grape leaves are said to lend healing qualities.

Although she had healing capabilities and miracles reported immediately upon her death, in life she had a festering wound on her third eye. The story goes that Rita was so moved by a sermon about the suffering Christ endured from the crown of thorns he wore that she prayed to share his suffering. Immediately a thorn penetrated her forehead and never healed. It festered and stank while worms fed on the wound! Other nuns were grossed out and St. Rita became a recluse in her cell for the next 15 years.

Saint Rita reportedly sends signs of her presence. If you smell flowers when none are present, or you unexpectedly see pink roses, especially in winter or if they are out of season.... that is Saint Rita. Before she died, her cousin came to visit her. She asked her cousin to bring her a rose from the garden of her childhood home. Her cousin went anyway thinking that none would be there since it was January and lo and behold! A rose bush was blooming. After returning to St. Rita with the rose, her cousin went back to the garden to fetch two figs. Sure enough, a bare fig tree had exactly 2 ripe figs hanging from it.

After her death, many miracles were reported. The town's church bells rang. Her wound no longer festered but now a jewel took its place. St. Rita's body also reportedly glowed and smelled of perfume. A cousin whose arm was paralyzed was mysteriously healed at her gravesite. As well as the frail, old carpenter who asked St. Rita to heal him so he could have the strength to build the casket.

Interestingly, St. Rita is placed inside a glass tomb much like the story Snow White. Over the centuries, followers say they have witnessed her levitate, her eyes open, and her head turns to the side and looks at people.

Her attributes are roses, bees, and figs.
Sunday is her sacred day. Her feast day is May  22
She enjoys offerings in the form of roses, baskets of figs, and candles
St. Rita has also made her way into baseball and her medal can sometimes display a baseball player on the reverse side.

Never ask St. Rita to bless you with patience or she will bless you with an abusive spouse so you can learn patience the hard way!


You will receive 1  St. Rita Ritual Altar 7 Day Hoodoo Ritual Candle.


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St. Rita Ritual Altar 7 Day Ritual Candle -Make Your Impossible Wishes Come True

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