St. Roch Service -April 17TH- Health & Prosperity to be Protected and Sustained

Dear Conjured Saint Family, I know many of you are suffering from internal panic and great concern as uncertainty continues to unfold. Health and prosperity are at risk for many. As such, I have crafted an emergency service to foster healing vibrations, calm interactions, inner peace, and for health and prosperity to be protected and sustained. 


I have received an abundance of emails from clients asking for an emergency protection service. While I maintain the ideal way to fight off this crisis is through hand-washing and social distancing, the collective power of prayer cannot be undermined, especially for our inner health and wellness.


I am offering a service with unlimited spots to ward off the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual effects of this pandemic. This service is for those seeking peace of mind, power, strength, safety, success, and warding during this chaotic time. 


During this emergency ritual, we will be petitioning St. Roch, the patron saint of the flu and plague. St. Roch is revered for his power against disease because the plague disappeared everywhere he went.


During the 14th century, there was a plague in Italy, and St. Roch came upon one of the towns most affected by it. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, he “devoted himself to the plague-stricken, curing them with the sign of the cross. He next visited Cesena and other neighboring cities and then Rome. Everywhere the terrible scourge disappeared before his miraculous power.”


He eventually contracted the plague himself, but after retreating to the forest, he was also cured of the disease. After his death, St. Roch’s intercession was invoked when a plague struck Germany in the 15th century.


In 1414, during the Council of Constance, the plague having broken out in that city, the Fathers of the Council ordered public prayers and processions in honor of the saint, and immediately the plague ceased. Time and time again he was invoked during various medieval plagues and that is why he is labeled the patron saint against the plague.


To request his blessing and protection on us all, my St. Roch Service will include one blessed and dressed candle offered to him for his intercession, as well as a 7-Day Novena candle on my altar for the safety, health, and continued abundance/employment of my clients and their family members. 


May you stay healthy and calm during this difficult time and may the Light of God shine on you and fill you with peace and well-being.


Please disregard the digital download.

St. Roch Service -April 17TH- Health & Prosperity to be Protected and Sustained


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