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Stability - Earth Element - Blessed Herbal Candle- Gives Strength and Stability

Stability Blessed Herbal Candle


Form a solid foundation to build your dreams on with the Earth’s energies of this candle. Earth’s energy gives strength and stability to your journey into the depths of your spirit. It is during this journey where you will discover the true worth of yourself. It is said that the element of Earth holds all other elements and is the true source of magic.


Magic is not from an external source, but from deep within. This candle was designed to help you find that inner wisdom. Lighting this candle and visualizing your goal is a commitment to your success.

Remember, the seeds of magic are found within your imagination and planted in your deeds. We wish you a bright path and a joyous journey.


Blessing: I call on forces greater than I, to awaken the confidence that I hold inside. The ground in me your great strength, help me be stable and my soul to wake. Lift my spirits and help me be strong, so that I may learn your healing song. In perfect balance do all things live? Instill this in me, so like you I can give. Harming none and helping all is how it shall be. This I make true.


Stability - Earth Element - Blessed Herbal Candle


Earth Element - Stability and Self Esteem Blessed Herbal Candle is made of Earth Brown color and blended with the fragrant aromas of Earthy Cypress and Patchouli.


Candle Use:

  • Self-esteem and self-worth issues
  • Stability and security within the deepest self


Astrological Use:


  • Burning this candle during the Waxing Moon when it is in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn will help you tap into your inner strength. As your confidence bubbles to the surface, the turbulence subsides.
  • Lighting this candle during the Waning Moon will help to dispel the blockages to positive self-esteem.


The Element of Earth is associated with your bones and muscles, the sacred direction of North, the tarot suit of Coins, Midnight and Winter. Brown has long been associated with the rich soil of the Earth. The soil sustains life and anchors the roots of even the most giant trees. Let the deep brown of the Earth Candle remind you to grow your own roots deep into Mother Earth, allowing her to stabilize and nurture you.


An Original, Magical Blessed Herbal Pillar 
35 Hour Burn Time
Cotton Wick


Place in flameproof holder and trim wick to 1/4 inch to enable better burning quality and time.


Thanks for looking.

Stability - Earth Element - Blessed Herbal Candle- Gives Strength and Stability


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