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Successful Buddha Statue -LARGE-  Fruitful Harvest in Everything You Do

This is an immaculately finished large Red Robe Laughing Buddha masterpiece that appears with one hand carrying three gold ingots (signifying cashflow of 3 BIG currencies of the world) and another hand carrying the wulou (keeps diseases at bay). The inflow of 3 BIG currencies is certainly important to us during this period of uncertainty in foreign exchange. Wearing the red robe with the crane designed on his robe, He overcomes sadness and obstacles, and provide you with good health, a smooth ride and happiness throughout the year as opposed to sorrows. He also wears the mala beads around his neck with a big that would dissipate all negativities. Over his belly, you can see a huge "Long Life Fook Lock Coin" hanging from the malas. This amulet will "lock" in good health and ensure a long life for residents of the family. "Fook" brings forever peace and prosperity luck. Behind him is a large wealth bag containing treasures. This Laughing Buddha brings happiness, riches and wealth into homes and especially depicted in RED, He is great at countering Quarrelsome Star-3 in Flying Stars. This masterpiece would definitely be admired if placed in prominent areas of your home.


What Laughing Buddha symbolizes and how to place this deity? 
The Laughing Buddha is actually the Future Buddha or better known as Maitreya Buddha in Buddhism. He is said to be currently living in the 6th layer of heaven and will be reincarnated to earth as a very handsome man with a group of other deities from heaven. Since the Matreiya is going to be the future Buddha, that is why it is often linked to happiness and fulfillment of no sufferings in the future for the people. 


Because of the Matreiya being associated with happiness, the Chinese had transformed the symbol to show the Buddha as being a fat and happily laughing Buddha. In the past, where poverty is common, fat people often denote people who have more than enough to eat and contented in life. Therefore fat denotes happiness. The Maitreya is then better known as the Laughing Buddha to the Chinese. The Laughing Buddha is the ultimate symbol of happiness in Feng Shui because he bestows ultimate fulfillment in everyone's life. He plays the role to take away your problems, worries, stress, anger, pressure, and sadness. The Laughing Buddha is also said to bring incredible good luck, excellent fortune, prosperity and wealth luck to households, offices, and businesses. The presence of His symbol rejuvenates energy "chi", wipes out flame tension and anger and turn the aura into blessings of pure happiness. Today, the Laughing Buddha has become so popular that the symbol is placed almost everywhere as it is believed to bring a great future filled with happiness. It could be found at receptions, cashier counters, living rooms, hotel lobbies, temples and almost all business premises in Asia.


The Laughing Buddha is usually connoted carrying wealth symbols such as large ingots, pots of gold and a "treasure bag", because the powerful Laughing Buddha is very much associated to abundance and wealth luck. He is supposed to bring you an unlimited supply of gold to make one happy as imagined by people. He sometimes carries a "wu lou" (gourd) to bring blessings to health and a "ru yi" to signify authority or victory in undertakings. One may also find a Laughing Buddha denoted with children surrounding Him. For those who are seeking for descendants' luck, the Laughing Buddha also bestows many children into families. A good Laughing Buddha image would have a face that is very smiley to signify fulfillment and joy.


The Laughing Buddha can be placed practically anywhere including bedrooms:
1. Display his image in your living room or family corner (east) to harmonize the whole family and take away all the problems and quarrellings. 
2. Display him in your personal Sheng Chi direction to tap the many luck for your personal growth, wealth, success and good health. The symbols will bring you lots of good news and surprises.
3. Display him in the southeast sector of your dining, bedroom, reception or living room to enhance your wealth luck or sudden windfall. 
4. Bosses and politicians can place him in their offices or home for protection against unwanted unhappiness/stress and attract tremendous good luck. 
5. You may also present the Laughing Buddha as a gift for any auspicious celebrations or occasions to your loved ones or as business gifts. The symbol is especially useful when presented to those who are going through tremendous bad luck. 
6. Place him on the dashboard of your car so that he can bring home many tidings of good news. 
7. Place him on your office table to take away all stress and bad politics or backstabbing. He will speed your way towards achieving your happy goals.
8. The Red Robe Laughing Buddha is the best cure for Quarrelsome Star#3.

Note: Kindly do not place the image in the kitchen and bathrooms.


You will receive one 4.5 x 4 X 7 Inch" statue.

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Successful Buddha Statue -LARGE- Fruitful Harvest in Everything You Do

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