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Tapa Boca/Shut Up Tongue Candle - Stops Gossip and Lies

Stop gossip!

Stop rumors being spread! 

Stop people talking behind your back!

Protection against people who try to harass, harm, or impair you through rumors or gossip. 


Use my tongue candle to protect the home from gossip, lies, and wrongdoers. It can be used in Tapa Boca work as well. Tapa Boca means  "shut-up" in Spanish, and that's exactly what needs to happen with those who gossip. Take a picture of the person who is the ( *Shit Starter or Talker lol ) sprinkle salt and lemon juice over the picture. Gossip is so harmful, and so are the people who believe it and repeat it. This will make their mouth pucker and shrivel; say your petition and light! 


Use with my Tapa Boca/Shut Up Oil for extra power. 


Thanks for looking. 

Tapa Boca/Shut Up Cow Tongue Candle - Stops Gossip and Lies