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The Black Pullet Wealth & Prosperity Spell Candle

Use this candle while working with the black pullet. Dressed and loaded with my black pullet oil and more. Discover all the treasures which exist and aid in your possession of them.


Most ancient and magical symbols inscribed upon this 7-day candle are said to aid in games of chance and lotteries and to obtain your adversaries' good fortune and luck.


The Black Pullet (La Poule Noire) is a grimoire that teaches the "science of magical talismans and rings," including the art of necromancy and Kabbalah. It is believed to have been written in the 18th century by an anonymous French officer who served in Napoleon's army. 


The text takes the form of a narrative centering on the French officer during the Egyptian expedition. The officer’s unit is attacked by Arab soldiers, but he manages to escape as the sole survivor. An old Turkish man appears suddenly out of the pyramids and takes the soldier back in with him, into a secret apartment. He nurses him back to health, whilst sharing with him the magical teachings from ancient manuscripts that escaped the "burning of Ptolemy's library." The soldier writes the teachings down, into what we now know as The Black Pullet.


The book itself contains information regarding the creation of certain magical properties, such as talismanic rings, amulets, and the Black Pullet itself. It also teaches the reader how to master the extraordinary powers from these magical properties. Perhaps the most interesting magical property claimed in the book is the power to produce the Black Pullet, otherwise known as the Hen that lays Golden Eggs. The grimoire claims that the person who understands and attains the power to instruct the Black Pullet will gain unlimited wealth. The notion of such a lucrative possession has been reflected throughout history in fables, fairy tales, and folklore.

The Black Pullet Wealth & Prosperity Spell Candle


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