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The Lovers Tarot Candle- Love Affairs. Physical Attraction, Passion, Harmony

Lovers Candle Description:
A man and woman stand naked under the arms of Archangel Raphael who is giving them a blessing.  Archangel Raphael is the angel of harmony and healing.  Behind the woman is the Tree of Knowledge with a serpent coiling around the tree as a reference in the story of Adam and Eve.  The serpent, power animal for healing and transformation, warns her not to abuse her sensual nature.  Behind the man is the tree of life with twelve leaves, representing twelve signs of the zodiac, giving him wisdom about human evolution.  This is a card that suggests the transformative power of love but warns us not to abuse the power of our sexuality.  Traditionally, this was also known as the choice card—if upright it brings correct choice.

​Meaning upright: Love Affairs. Physical Attraction. Passion. Harmony. Correct Choice.

As I am kind and loving to others, I become lovable and attract more love life.  I attract a loving, fulfilling, passionate relationship.  My soul mate and I are deeply in love and high in the compatible with one another.



NOTES Orange, Rose Geranium, & Palo Santo.


INGREDIENTS Cotton wick, GMM-free soy wax, organic coconut oil, organic botanicals, High John the Conqueror root, mica, proprietary blend of organic essential oils encasing a crystal charged under the full moon.


INSTRUCTIONS Rich in nutrients, liquid soy wax is safe to smooth onto skin. Trim the wick & burn a full pool of wax each lighting. Plunge wick into liquid wax to extinguish it smoke-free. BURN TIME 65-70 hours.


8.5oz Lovers Tarot Candle


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The Lovers Tarot Candle- Love Affairs. Physical Attraction, Passion, Harmony


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