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Ultimate Love Female Figure Candle ( Loaded & Blessed)

Use to draw Love, Passion, Lust, Creativity and Vitality.


Loaded With,


ROSE PETALS (divine love, friendship, peace, happiness, lasting relationships, healing)

JASMINE (passion, spiritual love, attracting a soulmate, prophetic dreams, creativity)
BEE POLLEN (friendship, attraction, love, strength, happiness)
CHERRY BARK (lust, used in love spells to find a partner, direction, favors, divination)
CHICKWEED (love, fertility, attracting a lover, maintaining relationships, lunar and animal magic)
RED PEPPER FLAKES (adds energy to spells, builds heat, passion, lust)
CINNAMON (spirituality, success, healing, love, strength, passion, luck)
COPAL (love, purification, represents the heart)

ROSE QUARTZ (unconditional love, self love, caring, kindness, romantic love, friendship, restores trust and harmony, opens the heart at all levels, dispels negativity, forgiveness)
GARNET (passion, sensuality, sexuality, romantic love, intimacy, positive thoughts, energy, inspiration, success, confidence, popularity, devotion, alleviates emotional disharmony, courage, hope, removes inhibition)

Ultimate Love Female Figure Candle ( Loaded & Blessed)