Wealth Portal Activation Lunar Eclipse Service -NOV 30th- Candle & Petition
Wealth Portal Activation Lunar Eclipse Service


Happy Sunday, NOVEMBER 29! Your Portal To Pure Abundance Is Now Open Today is a powerful manifesting day. Use these energies to manifest your deepest desire. On the 29th day of our month, opens the 11 portal. A cosmic portal to incredible abundance and transformation is open and will stay open till the lunar eclipse tomorrow!!!


•It's the 29th day. (2+9=11) •11 is a Master Number in Numerology

29/8 It's an 8 day in Numerology! Your Portal To Pure Abundance Is Now Open Today is a powerful manifesting day. Use the 8 energies to manifest your deepest desire. 8 days invoke courage, strength + success. A cosmic portal to incredible abundance and transformation is open.


•We have opportunities for major change and growth. •The areas where this change and growth are likely to occur are in the houses where the eclipses take place. •Eclipses mark a time of completion in the lunar cycle.

 This month brings a super-charged Full Moon lunar eclipse, opening portals to wealth, success, and prosperity! Even better,  November is steeped in numerology magick, as it begins the second half of the year with an activation of the Master Number 11. Master number periods like these offer a chance to create master accomplishments, marking the perfect time to harness the powers of the moon to create the life of your dreams!
On November 30th, The Conjured Saint is hosting a limited Wealth Portal Activation Lunar Eclipse Service for clients ready to accept abundance into their lives. My spell services are based on the best numerology and planetary alignments to boost outcomes, and the fifth is a power-packed day sure to deliver results!
In this special group spell service, we will be activating the 11 Gateway of empowerment and double new beginnings to initiate NEW opportunities for growth, abundance, and spiritual awakening. The number eleven is a portal into the unknown. It represents initiation from darkness into light, as the two pillars are dualistic nature – night and day, feminine and masculine, right and left, up and down. Standing in the middle of the gateway creates unity, the energy we will use to unify your intentions and manifestations and push through barriers.
The main influence on the lunar eclipse on the fifth comes from fixed stars fixed star Aldebaran, This massive stars bring good fortune, happiness, business success, and harmonious family life. This star gives us the strength to defeat enemies, overcome illness, and find success in all endeavors with the energies of honor, wealth, devotion, passion, and business acumen and success. In summary, this cluster of cosmetic power will provide opportunities, supportive people, and financial flow to all open to receiving such blessings! 
To participate, please choose the Wealth Portal Activation Lunar Eclipse Service on the services section of my Web site. Upon checkout, include a short comment about your intentions or goals for the service in the Notes section. Your petition will be honored on my sacred altar during the lunar eclipse, among offerings, candles, and incense.  service reports can take a week or longer to be sent to you.


Please disregard the digital download. 

Wealth Portal Activation Lunar Eclipse Service -NOV 30th- Candle & Petition


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