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Wealth & Protection Charm Mirror - Strong Protection, Wealth & Power

This Bagua is a popular adjustment object used in feng shui. Composed of trigrams, symbols, and a mirror on the back side. The Bagua represents the eight areas and have connections to different aspects of life. The mirror on the other side is used to deflect or ward off any evil. Hangs approximately 14" overall.


As the guardian of wealth and good fortune, the lion has been used as a strong symbol of stability and strength since antiquity. The lion has been popularly used as a motif in art, literature, and culture, and is the universal symbol of ranking, power, and wealth. When displayed in feng shui, the bagua lion is said to stabilize and strengthen inner spirit, bring wealth, and ensure success in all endeavors.


The feng shui bagua is a popular symbol in feng shui, and is used a strong protection method. The bagua is an octagonal shape, and represents the balance of the universe. The bagua is used to find true spirit, enhance positive chi, and protect against negative spirits. The secret of the bagua’s power lies in the arrangement of the eight trigrams, Luo river writing, 5 elements, and the mirror in the middle. The eight trigrams represent the patterns of the universe, and Mother Nature in the form of yin and yang.


When these two powerful symbols are embellished together, the lion and the bagua represent an undefeatable source of strength, protection, and prosperity. Please note that baguas may only be placed outside as feng shui decoration; if placed indoors, there will be an accumulation of negative chi.

Wealth & Protection Charm Mirror - Strong Protection, Wealth & Power

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