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Witch's Egg Candles - Opening The Money Channel

Cleaning-rolling out "egg"

rolling out an egg is an ancient ritual, as a result of which a negative energy message (fright, damage, evil eye, pain) is transferred from a person or object.

In this case, instead of a live chicken egg, a wax-rolled egg made of wax with herbs is used.

* Rolling out can remove damage, evil eye, fright in children.
* Roll out a sick or painful syndrome (for example, headache, toothache, critical days)
* Clean the chakras.
• Remove the blocks.
* Open a channel (Money, clairvoyance).

Cleaning can be carried out either independently or with the help of another person.
In the subsequent case, be sure to remember about safety! 
Duration (number of days) of cleaning-roll-out-individually.
Depends on the complexity of the situation.
For example, if you need to remove the pain syndrome or the evil eye, fright-just once.
If work is underway to remove damage, the disease is from 3 to 5 days.


Hand-made and imported from Belarus. 


You will receive 1 ritual egg candle.

Witch's Egg Candles - Opening The Money Channel

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