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Those seeking hand-crafted magical items and ritual blessings discover an array of merchandise and services to delight the senses and soul when they make the acquaintance of The Conjured Saint. A small shop that quickly grew into a booming enterprise, The Conjured Saint catapulted to success after opening its doors due to its focus on beautifully crafted, authentic spellwork items. Hurricane Badessa is the artisan crafter and spiritual practitioner behind the brand, which offers handmade magical items designed to cleanse, bless, protect, and bring abundance to your home and person.


Since he opened his doors more than three years ago, The Conjured Saint has stood out as a premium crafter and purveyor of spiritual goods, due to his attention to detail, commitment to authentic ritual work for clients, and the quality of his products-- each of which is made to order and ritually blessed on his altar. Since childhood, he has been a natural healer and medium, developing his gifts into strengths as he grew, and finally creating a lifestyle out of them, which includes his thriving business.


Born under the constellation of Aquarius, The Conjured Saint has always been naturally inquisitive, creative, and interested in the metaphysical realm. Descended from Native American shamans and powerful Italian stregas, he was raised by a mother who practiced benedicaria, or Italian folk magic.


Benedicaria can most easily described as a type of magical Catholicism. It translates to “way of blessing,” and refers to loosely-related family folk traditions that exist throughout Italy and Sicily. Although viewed by some as witchcraft, the traditions associated with benedicaria are heavily influenced by catholic doctrine and focus on healing, cleansing, and religious rituals. It is benedicaria that has been the heaviest influence on the work of The Conjured Saint. He is not just a spiritual practitioner, but also a man of deep faith, whose roots in that faith span back centuries to distant ancestors in Italy.


But benedicaria cannot claim all of the credit for The Conjured Saint’s powerful work. His practice is also heavily influenced by his Native American heritage, creating a duality to his work that is unique and unmatched. He is the great-grandson of a shaman and, as such, has always felt a strong pull towards geomancy and harvesting the fruits of the Earth for spiritual and magical purposes. He has developed great skill at identifying the specific metaphysical powers of roots, herbs, and crystals and their corresponding astrological energy. He incorporates them appropriately into his oils, lotions, and various home and body products, such that every detail is accounted for. For example, if he’s creating a money oil, he is careful to use only those plants and stones associated with abundance and to bless them on the correct day of the week according to their astrological counterparts. Each recipe is carefully formulated with the highest quality and most effective ingredients, blessed on his altar, and finally beautifully and artistically packaged to preserve and pay homage to the delicate, but powerful, energy inside. The Conjured Saint brings his ancestry and unique abilities to his sacred altar to create powerful artisan oils, potions, and candles and to articulate and manifest a variety of spiritual services and psychic readings. He is guided by his ancestors and the hands of his spiritual court, whom he lovingly refers to as the Society of Saints.


Based out of the small state of Rhode Island, The Conjured Saint is an international enterprise that ships worldwide and offers customized readings and rituals for clients all over the globe. The shop stocks more than 2,000 specialty items and frequently adds to its inventory, making it a wonderful place to purchase multiple goods for use in your own ritual workings. Beyond spellwork supplies and customized readings, The Conjured Saint freely imparts the wisdom and rituals he uses to create abundance and harmony within his sacred space.

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