This is a service of Nine Days

of Focused Prayer in which a 9-day fixed Vigil-Candle is prepared with the appropriate Magical oils, herbs, roots, It will then be placed on my working altar along with your petition where it will be lit and prayed over for 9 days. I then carefully interpret the candle through its burning process .Taking notes along the way, looking for any signs that will predict the course of your petition. If requested, once the candle concludes burning, a brief summary of the interpretation will be email to you. With pictures.

   Setting of Lights    

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Setting of Lights Spiritual Service Available Online

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"Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow...." 

Since your spiritual vibration led you to our Shop, you may already intuitively know that magick is never a quick or one-time fix. It depends wholly on your openness to it and the effort you make. Just like a doctor cannot give you a "magic" pill to fix all of your problems, Hoodoo and Rootwork (and other spiritual ways of life) are based on a lifestyle of maintenance.  I cannot guarantee, or even presume, that your participation in one ritual service will bring about the results that you desire. In fact, I recommend on-going prayers, offerings, and traditional methods of recognizing higher energy (Spirits, deities, ancestors, prophets, angels, etc.) to petition them for what you need, gain their favor, and show honor and respect, to maximize manifestation. You attract what you put out, so taking care of yourself spiritually and physically, and being open to positive vibrations, is also imperative to channeling the energy flow needed to achieve your goals. As a spiritual practitioner, I value helping you improve your life and open your heart and soul to blessings. I am honored to work with you and provide guidance and clarity on your journey.


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