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Legal Notice

You must 18 years of age or older to purchase from The Conjured Saint. All items are sold as curios and are for entertainment purposes only. I am not repsonsible for usage, reactions or outcomes. Results are not guaranteed.


Purchase of any of The Conjured Saints  products from any venue signifies buyers' 

acknowledgment and acceptance of all terms and conditions, and releases The Conjured Saint

from any and all liability.


Each item sold by The Conjured Saint should be considered for it's value as a curio only - a 

fascinating or unusual item with interesting folklore surrounding it.  All information 

provided on The Conjured Saints sites is purely anecdotal, and has not been evaluated by any 

regulating body. In accordance with law, I cannot make any claims or guarantees as to the 

efficacy of spells, services or any products. I cannot make claims of supernatural or 

therapeutic effects or powers of any of the services or items listed. Lore, names and 

suggested uses are just that - lore, names and suggested uses.


It is not possible for me to foresee *every* possible use (or misuse) of my curios, and I 

have made every effort to instruct my buyers/users and provide warnings.  Once a supply 

or curio is shipped from The Conjured Saint, all liability lies with the purchaser and/or user.  

End of story.


Buyer/user is solely responsible for ALL effects, adverse or otherwise (including, but not 

limited to irritation, allergic reaction or possible toxic reactions). The products are 

formulated in a clean (but not sterile) environment, and cross-contamination of herbs, 

powders, oils, etc., is always a possibility. No one associated with The Conjured  Saints sites is 

a trained herbalist, and products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, prevent or to be 

prescribed for any medical condition.


Services, such as readings, spiritual consultations, spellcasting, etc., are based on subjective 

factors, opinion, and personal interpretation rather than scientific factors. Services, 

comments, opinions and advice do not come with any guarantees of results or accuracy, 

and services may be refused to any one for any reason. Services are not intended to serve 

as a substitute for professional medical, psychological, financial or social services. No one 

associated with The Conjured Saint is a licensed health care, mental health care, 

financial or social services professional. No one associated with The Conjured Saint sites 

will be responsible for any occurrence as a result (directly or indirectly) of services 

rendered or refused. Please be responsible for your own well-being.  Any cautionary 

advisory not specified herein is implied.


User/buyer is solely responsible for any and all effects of products and services made 

available on The Conjured Saints sites or by links provided to any other sites, including but 

not limited to, misuse (intentional or otherwise) of all items. By entering any of The 

Conjured Saints, you hereby agree to all terms and conditions, and agree to hold all 

owners and associates of The Conjured Saints harmless from any and all liability. All 

items should be kept safely out of the reach of children and pets. Some items may stain 

fabrics, skin, upholstery, etc. - please keep in mind when using. Please dispose of all 

packaging properly, and never leave bags, papers, wrappings, etc., in the reach of children 

or pets.


Product descriptions may list a couple of ingredients, but be advised that not all ingredients 

are listed. All of my formulas are original and proprietary (unless otherwise noted) and 

are not publicly available. Please do not ask.  If you fear an adverse reaction, private 

formulation services may be available.  Please inquire -


Candles: Common sense is your best defense. Any cautionary advisory not specified herein 

is implied. Always use a drip guard to protect surroundings from damage or staining from 

melting wax. Always burn in a well-ventilated area, be conscious of fire-safety, and never 

leave any burning materials unattended. Remove all labels, ribbons, adornments, 

embellishments and any other packaging prior to burning. Please be aware that candles 

infused with plant and/or mineral components or other curios may flare up, and that they 

may fall away (ignited, hot, etc.) as the candle burns.  The nature of candles infused with 

such components is that they sometimes contain air pockets which may cause the candle 

to tunnel or collapse when burning.  Please be aware of this possibility and take 

appropriate cautionary measures.  Burn on non-flammable surfaces, such as cookie sheets 

or bowls filled with water; always keep candles away from curtains, fabrics, plants and 

any other materials that may be susceptible to heat or flame - pay attention to your 

surroundings and your work.  Candle dyes do stain, whether the wax is melted or not.  

Never place your candles on porous surfaces, or surfaces that you do *not* want stained.



Oils, Solids, Salves and Ointments: Some ingredients may cause adverse reaction. Some oils 

may be minor irritants, and others may be deadly toxins - know your oils! Ingestion of 

essentials is not recommended. Never ingest fragrance oils. May contain base oils and/or 

preservatives such as jojoba, fractionated coconut or castor oil. May contain fragrance oils, 

especially in cases where the essential is unavailable or cost-prohibitive, or in cases where 

the herbal material is used as well (for example, rose petals and rose fragrance oil). This 

practice captures the plant's magic without further endangering the species or driving up 

the cost of the formula for you. Products and packaging are not recommended for all 

fabrics, porous household surfaces or any other stainable items. Please conduct a 

color-fast and or stain-patch test before using.


Baths/Soaps: Some ingredients may cause adverse reaction. Never ingest. Some baths may 

contain small chips of gemstones, which may have sharp edges and pierce packaging or 

bath bags. Please make sure bags are intact before placing into the bath, and check your 

bathing area prior to entering. Some colorants may cause staining.  Herb-topped soaps may become discolored after a short time, as herbs may "bleed" into the fats and oils in the soap.


All advisories may be subject to change, in part or in entirety, at any time and without 

notice.  By entering, and/or using any of The Conjured Saints sites and/or services, or 

purchase of any of The Conjured Saints products from any venue, you agree that all 

reasonable efforts of advice have been satisfied by The Conjured Saints  and further agree to 

hold The Conjured Saints harmless from any and all liability.  Purchase of any of The Conjured Saints products from any venue signifies buyers' acknowledgment and acceptance of all 

terms and conditions, and releases The Conjured Saint from any and all liability.


Shipping & Delivery




I fill and ship Tuesday & Thursday . Due to demand, please allow 10 business days to create your order. This excludes custom items which may take longer to create, customs items will ship once completed. I do not ship holiday weekends, which include Friday through Monday. Please ensure your Paypal mailing address is correct, as this is what I ship from and use as an invoice. 


I am ONE person NOT a company. If you can not wait for one of a kind, hand-made, high quality, professional grade items, feel free to make the items on your own.


I receive far more orders per week than I can complete within that week. Therefore, your order will NOT be shipped same day and will require 10 business days to complete. 


No returns or refunds. Exchanges, replacements or store credit may be given on a per case basis.

Images - all images on this site are original and/or have been used with permission or are believed to be in the public domain.  If any image has been used inappropriately, please do not hesitate to e-mail me, and it will be removed promptly.  It is not my intention to violate any copyrights, just to share some amazing artwork.

© The Conjured Saint-  ©Worldwidebook, 1996 -2018

Terms and Conditions

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