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Coffin Nails- Protection, Hexing, Potency, Nail Down Your Goals

Protection, Hexing, Nail Down Your Goals.


Coffin nails are widely known for their ability to add to the potency of your magic, particularly curses or protection. The term "coffin nail" is used to describe any 4 sided, square or rectangular headed, iron nail. 


These rusty coffin nails can be used for protection and to keep harm and illness away from your home and family. And bent or curved coffin nails can be used to "bend" negativity out of your home by making it do a U-turn once it has come in!


Money Nails Spell

Get as many nails as you are comfortable hammering into doorjambs, windowsills, etc.

Dress them with my Money Anchor oil, Money oil, or better business oils.

Pray Deuteronomy 14:25-26 over each nail.

Hammer into corners, floorboards, windows, thresholds, doorjambs, etc,

This will keep your money at home.


This is a special batch of large iron coffin nails from the 1800s Not all are straight. You will receive 1 nail, They are all a bit different in length but run from 3 1/8" to 3 1/2".

Coffin Nail- Protection, Hexing, Potency, Nail Down Your Goals