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7 Knob 7 Day Wealth Work- Draws Wealth In from All Avenues

Allow me to work this candle for you for 7 days in a row.  This candle is usually called a Wishing Candle. It is one of the most popular magical candles sold! One knob is bruned each day and each knob is inscribed with your petition or 7 different wishes to you; one knob a day for one wish. As each knob melts away, the wish is consumed and favorable conditions and energies are set up, which work towards its fulfillment. I will prepare and dress the candle with my Wealthy Way oil, gold iron filings and more as well as a fill altar set up with offerings for your goals. I will work this candle for you on my altar for 7 days.


*Your order form MUST be filled out with your full name, date of birth, 7 wishes  (or just for general prosperity) in the MEMO AREA ON YOUR CHECK OUT PAGE!


Once you make your payment, I will contact you with a scheduled date for your work. After the working, you will receive a full report, including 3-5 photos of the specific spellwork, emailed to you.

To read my testimonials, please visit my testimonial page. 


**"Just wanted to let you know how things turned out. They turned out Amazingly!!!!! I got the state job and received an extra $3,000 in my taxes!!!! … All of your services are mind blowing, Thank you Hurricane! Bless you for all you do."


** My boyfriend and I were not speaking, I was very sick .. my blood pressure went through the roof - borderline stroke. I kept praying that we found a way back to talking to let him know what was going on with my health and that we got closer and an open conversation.. saw St. Expedite service and made my petition. That Thursday, we spoke again, he was aware of my health issues and been getting close since ...


**I would like to give a shout out to Hurricane Badessa. My dad went for a bypass surgery for his leg, he is 77yrs old, and cause of that I was worried being old and all. I requested Michael to light a candle for him so that his surgery will be a breeze and also the healing process would be too. It went exactly what I requested for. The doctors are amazed at the whole process from the surgery to the healing process now. My dad is feeling really good & awesome! Thank you so much Michael for assisting for this healing for my dad! Really appreciate it.


***Amazed beyond Words ! I contacted Hurricane through Instagram . Simply in appreciation of his incredible alter postings as well as workings . He has become a guardian angle , if you will . I became a customer , purchasing very moderately priced products of impeccable quality ! Recently my fiancé and I have had a rough go of it ... he has left for weeks , came home and left again . There was even another woman ! He threatened this was the last time & left once more on a Wednesday . I contacted Caine whom was right " by my Side " , to comfort me with kind words . He then performed one of his custom workings , a binding that Friday . He came home Thursday evening before the binding was even done . On Saturday we were on a date ... he told me he wants another child and discussed our future . Caine told me there is no guarantee but believe me if it is meant to be let this skilled gentlemen cast a powerful spell on your behalf ! Don't hesitate , what do you have to loose ? Sincerely , Bella S.


*** Blessings everyone! I have known Hurricane for a few months. Hurricane has provided me with several services for me, from jars to lighting work. I have been very satisfied with his services and quick outcomes, in both my professional and personal life. The attention to detail that is provided to the client and their request are timely and do come with explanations and pictures. His energy can be felt in his work and even when you are reading his response in addition with viewing the pictures. His attention to detail is on point. Hurricane is classified as a professional, empathic and very attentive to responding to you. I have also purchased some items from his store. I received the products quickly and they were just beautiful. The packaging alone of how he wrapped the items, had me trying to open it all slowly because it was nicely done and could feel the energy from the box. He is of light sent. XoXo Rollie


***Hello friends ! I can not say enough about this gentleman , his fine products , accurate readings & services . I purchased a financial road opener within weeks I was offered a part time position that works perfectly & a wage increase! I also purchased a love ❤️ honey jar 🍯 which began to work within a week and is continuing to manifest. My love life is quite complex and I will continue to purchase further services & offer reviews . Blessed be - JW


* Spiritual work is never guaranteed. Just with any professional service, such as a lawyer or counselor, providing a professional service. Despite what some people mistakenly think about spiritual practitioners. We don't control any results. We initiate the steps needed to change things. We petition, the spirits to open the doors and show us the way. I respect all my clients and their situations, and take it very seriously. Manifestation takes time it’s also a very important for the client to have strong faith and keep a positive mind frame, lacking faith and thinking negatively can interrupt the work.

7 Knob 7 Day Wealth Work- Draws Wealth In from All Avenues


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