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All Saints Oil- Petitions All Saints- Fast Answers, Luck, Blessings

All Saints Oil


Petition the saints to bring you success, luck, and blessings with The Conjured Saint’s All Saints Oil. A traditional Hoodoo blend, our All Saints Oil stands out from the rest for its superior recipe, which is prepared and prayed over on our sacred altar and made to order.


The Conjured Saint’s All Saints Oil is blended with ingredients that promote attention and favor from the saints-- and whomever else you come into contact with, while wearing it. We start with lavender and vanilla, then add in patchouli, cinnamon, and a variety of lighter smells to bring the fragrance together nicely, while creating a catch-all potion made to appeal to a variety of deities.


This oil is known for bringing healing and fortune. It is perfect for rituals involving any of the saints, making it an all-purpose oil and a must-have for those who celebrate feasts, work with saints and deities, and call upon the other side during spells. Whether you’re looking for luck in love, money, or health, All Saints Oil will attract the saints who can help and entice them to bestow blessings on you.


All Saints Oil can be dabbed onto documents and objects, used to anoint the body, added to ritual baths, used to dress candles of any color, and more.  As an all-purpose oil, it can be used however you need it, except swallowed or ingested. It features an intoxicating fragrance, so we recommend wearing it for pleasure and adding a few drops to the bath, allowing you to effortlessly turn every day and experience into a powerful intention.


All Saints Oil Ritual Suggestions

If you desire to work with the saints, the best way to honor them is through candle magic. Depending on the saint you are working with and your intentions, you can choose a candle in the appropriate color and anoint it with All Saints Oil. 7-Day Novena candles are also an excellent way to get attention from the saints. 


Because saints are holy souls, they appreciate prayer. If you have a saint in mind, find their specific prayer and recite it upon lighting the candle. If burning a 7-day candle, it helps to recite the prayer each day. Additional offerings may also be made, but be sure to do careful research to determine which offerings are desired by each saint. When in doubt, reach out to me. I am happy to guide you and provide tips for working with the saints.

All Saints Oil- Petitions All Saints- Fast Answers, Luck, Blessings


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