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Amethyst Spirit Quartz Point - For Connecting with Higher Realms

If accessing higher realms and other dimensions is what you seek, then these Amethyst Spirit Quartz Points are your tools. This sparkling, gold and purple-hued variety of quartz has become challenging to source, so I’m excited I can bring these to you. Amethyst spirit quartz facilitates communication and connection with higher realms – with your guides and your past lives. This stunning crystal will take you beyond the Veil and open the Crown and Soul Star Chakras to develop and expose a whole new level of psychic and intuitive awareness. Work with these points to connect with Source and your spirit guides.


The deeper magic of these Amethyst Spirit Quartz Points

Amethyst is all about connecting with Source and comes from the ancient Greek word “amethystos,” which means ‘not drunk.’ It offers enhanced clarity, unity, a balanced mind, and peaceful, blissful energy. This Violet Ray gem brings divine energies of protection, mercy, love, forgiveness, freedom, and transformation. Violet has the highest frequency in the visible spectrum, and what is beyond violet is invisible to the human eye. Violet and amethyst have long been associated with spirituality and the Crown Chakra, our connection to the angels and higher realms. Amethyst can help you fall and stay asleep, enter into deeper states of meditation, and its high frequency naturally repels lower energies. It brings a clearer understanding of your life experience and helps to integrate higher wisdom. Work with amethyst for balance, peace, purification, detoxification, and spiritual evolution.


Spirit quartz is a stone of healing, harmony, and alignment. It aligns and integrates the chakras, aura, and the physical body. Spirit quartz integrates the human self with the higher self. Known as a master healer, spirit quartz cleans and clears out energetic blockages, activating all energy centers and detoxifying the body in the process. It connects you with your spirit guides and the angelic realm.

Meditate with these Amethyst Spirit Quartz Points and envision your entire being coming into alignment, surrounded by the love of Source and compassion and protection of the Violet Ray. You can also work with yours in your healing crystal grids and add to your altars. May the magic of these pieces usher you into greater wholeness.


This listing is for one (1) Amethyst Spirit Quartz Point. A little over 3in long. You will get this one!


Amethyst Spirit Quartz Point - For Connecting with Higher Realms


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