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Angel Aura Rose Quartz Crystal Tower- Love • Aura Cleansing • Romance

This listing is for 1 Angel Aura Rose Quartz crystal tower. They measure in size between 3” inches- 4” inches tall. 

Rose Quartz is a gentle and loving stone. It can be used to promote love, self-love, and friendships. Known to be the love stone for the Heart Chakra. It brings love and self-love to your relationships and heals the heart. The aura amplifies the properties of the crystals and also offers protection.


• Aura Cleansing • Romance

Give your heart a rainbow infusion with the sweet loving energy of these Aura Rose Quartz Points.. Rose quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love, and when magnified with the intensifying properties of an aura coating, it becomes the stone of supreme love! If you’ve been craving a little magic in your love life, aura rose quartz energy is the sparkling essence you need to embrace. Aura rose quartz will flush out any stagnancy with a flow of vibrant energy throughout the entire body.


The aura coating on these Aura Rose Quartz stones occurs by bonding a natural rose quartz stone with platinum. The metal adds a spectrum of angelic hues, as well as a variety of beneficial properties to the stone. These extra properties are great for anyone looking to increase their efforts to work through self-doubt, and discover new levels of self-love. 


Fear is the central cause of all the barriers we place around our heart. From an unwillingness to be vulnerable, to insecurities and wanting to avoid pain, all our walls stem from fear. Knowing that can be a powerful place to begin your healing. When you work with aura rose quartz tumbled stones, you concentrate an energy of confidence, love and light into the darkness of your fears. Aura rose quartz blasts through negative perceptions and shows you the positive point of view you’ve been overlooking. The shimmery platinum aura that coats this stone boosts its ability to send love into even the most deep-rooted issues you’ve been battling for years.  


Apply the flow of loving energy that aura rose quartz emits to your heart chakra to sooth the anxiety that past pain has created. As you relax into the nurturing energy of this high-vibing crystal, you can address your fears, not with self-deprecating thoughts, but rather with enhanced compassion. Through understanding where your fears have come from, and even where the fears of others may have stemmed from, you can begin tackling misunderstandings. Allow love to replace negativity in your heart by opening yourself up with aura rose quartz meditation. Place an aura rose quartz tumbled stone over your heart, third eye and sacral chakras while laying down, and focus on bringing in loving vibrations for yourself. You can also use aura rose quartz in a self-love grid to enhance the energy of your emotional breakthrough.


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Angel Aura Rose Quartz Crystal Tower- Love • Aura Cleansing • Romance

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