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Angelic Money Magick Service -JULY 28th- 3-Day Candle and Lighting Service
Angelic Money Magick Service


Every month, we perform one money magick (prosperity ritual) service. Each service is performed on the best day of the month for money, based on the most prosperous astrological events of that month!
July 28th offers a unique opportunity to draw abundance, financial blessings, and economic breakthroughs! This is one of the luckiest opposition transits of all. Mars opposite Jupiter's natal gives an abundance of energy that brings opportunities for success, good fortune, and increased happiness. Everything will seem to fall into place without much effort, leading you to believe you are on a lucky streak or gifted in some way.
I will be calling in the angels of wealth to help me with my spiritual work and assist you with your financial goals! Using talismans, offering, and ancient secret prayers.
Financial investments are favored at this time. All of your interactions and dealings should be cooperative and satisfying. You should take advantage of any financial offers, as there is a heightened probability of increasing your wealth! This is a fortunate transit, so you may even be the beneficiary of a sudden and unexpected windfall.
If you’ve been working on increasing your income, now is the time to “cash in” on your chance! The Conjured Saint is offering a Candle Lighting and Petition Prosperity Service to honor this high energy. During the service, a candle and your personalized petition will be placed on my money altar and lit for you as part of a prosperity spell.
*To take advantage of this magnetic energy and participate in the Candle Lighting and Petition Service, please leave your request in the "note to seller" section upon payment and I will light a candle, dressed my prosperity oil, for your goal.
Great opportunity to make money on investments and all sorts of financial deals. Your personal relationships can be enriched by your positive attitude and sociability, as can your own personal growth and self-esteem.
You should be feeling on top of the world and enjoy warm and friendly relationships with everyone. You should use your high spirits, enthusiasm, and self-confidence to make the most of the good fortune associated with this transit.
Opportunities can come in the form of personal, spiritual, and material growth. Financial gains are possible, which will increase your overall net worth, and level of satisfaction and contentment.
The JULY prosperity service is a 3-Day Service, This is a limited service due to its three-day duration and is first-come, first-serve.
The 3-Day Prosperity Service is performed to increase luck in stubborn areas, such as employment and business opportunities, debt, and financial stability. This service specializes in enhancing areas of everyday life where prosperity is needed. It will take place for 3 mornings on The Conjured Saint's sacred altar, which will be adorned with incense, offerings, roots, powder, oils, and flora meant for drawing luck and abundance energy and deities. Candles will be dressed and fixed for your specific intentions and goals. this service entails 3 different candle and altar set-ups.
The Conjured Saint has created a ritual service packed with sacred prayers, offerings, and manifestation magick to help you make the most of this blessed astrological transit and bring good fortune into your life! To participate, please visit our Services page in the Shop and select 3-day prosperity service option. Leave a short petition outlining your goal for the service in the Comments box BEFORE checkout and please allow up to a week or longer after ritual completion for pictures and report. Thanks for looking and may you find magic in all that you do!
Disregard the download. reports can take up to a week to longer,

Angelic Money Magick Service -JULY 28th- 3-Day Candle and Lighting Service

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