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Archangel Gabriel Orgone Pyramid Crystal- Moonstone & Black Tourmaline

What is Orgone Energy and how can it change my life?

Orgone energy is similar to what the ancients have called prana, chi, or universal energy. Orgone energy is present in living things and flows throughout the universe. You can harness this vital life force energy and amplify it so you heal yourself from within, manifest your intentions and desires.

Some of the benefits of Orgone energy:


✅ Get rid of negative energy around you
✅ Helps relieve stress and anxiety
✅ Protection against EMF (5G, WiFi, Cell towers, etc)
✅ Helps with spiritual and psychological growth
✅ Supports restful sleep 
✅ Strengthen intentions and visualizations



♥ Happiness ♥ Good fortune ♥ Nurturing ♥ Mothering ♥ Unselfishness ♥ Humanitarian ♥ Love ♥ Hope ♥ Spiritual insight ♥ Easy childbirth ♥ Safe travel ♥ New beginnings ♥ Abundance ♥ Ancient wisdom.


Stones Healing Properties✨


Black Tourmaline

♥ Essence ♥ Protection ♥ Energy.


Black tourmaline means to purify your mind, body and spirit and absorb whatever you need to release. It boosts your energy and fills you with positive vibrations. The unique method of black tourmaline crystal is to absorb the darker energy, so you don't have to grab it and get a strong impact. It protects your aura against radiation and cleans the chakras so that they find their balance again. 


Gabriel is the Archangel of communication, new beginnings, and strength.


When called upon Gabriel will bring you inspiring divine messages to assist you in finding your highest calling.


Gabriel also works closely with authors, teachers, artists, councilors and more!


Archangel Gabriel is the angelic messenger. They serve on the white ray of purity and harmony. Ask them to help you improve your communication skills on all levels in your life. This includes at work or during your dreams. He encourages us to pay closer attention to people. Any of the seven archangels can guide a human being in the spiritual evolution of each person. Heaven is very organized and all celestial beings have specific work to do. Each one of these magnificent beings work for the many Rays of The Divine that exist, and each archangel has a specialty that they are dedicated to. We can invoke them according to what we need.


You will receive one Orgone Pyramid Crystal-Moonstone Gabriel 65-70mm.

Archangel Gabriel Orgone Pyramid Crystal- Moonstone & Black Tourmaline


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