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Argument Healer Oil -Healing Rifts Between Partners, Family and Friends

Argument Healer is the go-to solution for healing rifts between partners, family and friends. This oil is designed to help you win the heart back of an old love or help you repair a damaged relationship that is in need of healing. It brings peace and it slows the overactive mind and calms one down in order to think clearly.  It is healing as it cleanses one from stress and brings loving energy to one's aura.


Made in a base from 

  • Rose quartz-  (unconditional love, opens heart/crown chakras, all forms of love, enhances love in any situation, brings gentleness, forgiveness, tolerance, beauty in everything around you, appreciation of the arts, inspires beauty, healthy love, and self-love, compassion, acceptance, self-confidence, creativity, soothing, calming, stress-reducing, clears anger/resentment/guilt/fear/jealousy)
  • Rhodonite- (decreases anxiety, increases attention to detail, heals heart chakra, opens up to unconditional love, service to mankind, enhances passionate love while grounding energy, expresses love, maintains calm center and personal power, gives strength to stay true to heart and ideals, strengthens the ability to remain heart-centered in any circumstance, helps stay centered in divine energy when under stress)
  • Chrysoprase- (balances yin/yang, activates/opens the heart chakra, instills grace, facilitates deep meditative state, helps heal broken hearts, eases depression, reduces superiority/inferiority complexes, brings harmony and balance, light-heartedness, joy, brings unconscious to conscious, encourages hope, clarifies problems, cures restlessness, makes user eloquent and adaptable)
  • Marjoram- (brings happiness to the home, calm and warmth, peacefulness - stilling the mind, helps assist when becoming obsessive or when we need a release from persistent mental anguish, soothes the broken heart, use for cuddling, warms emotional cold)
  • Balm of Gilead Buds- (The bible refers to Balm of Gilead buds as a great comforter of the heart and soul. Many hoodoo sources cite the use of this herb to soothe the broken-hearted, mend relationships, and dispel the old anger that can linger between a squabbling couple. Carry some of these in your pocket or in a red conjure bag. Mix Balm of Gilead Bulbs with powdered Rose Buds and Sandalwood to burn as incense during your spell work is said to remove past hurts and renew love and affection.)
  • Coriander Seeds- (These seeds are reputed to bring about reconciliation, fidelity, and a happier marriage.
  • Spikenard- (helps release fears and courage to step forward, helps make peace with those who have hurt us, the fragrance of forgiveness offered with love, helps rid of chains that bind, release the past and balance emotions with freedom of spirit)
  • Clary sage- (encourages calm and restoration, tranquility, awakens subconscious, brings harmony and purpose, brings wisdom, understanding of our reasoning, calms melancholy, relieves paranoia, alleviates stress)
  • German Chamomile- (love, purification, harmony, calming, happiness, peace, soothing, comforting, uniting, dispels nervousness and anger, creates emotional stability, clears past emotional debris)
  • Cornflower  (for arguments, discord, strife
  • and more..


Basic Spell for Love & Reconciliation:

Write the full name of the person you desire nine times.

Turn the paper 90 degrees and write your name on top of theirs nine times so that you cross and cover it.


Cut this Name Paper into the shape of a heart.

Fold this heart paper (always folding towards you,) to draw the person to you. Fold it like this three times.


Take a small glass jar that you have filled three-quarters of the way full with a sweetener (like honey, pancake syrup, corn syrup).


Push this name paper down into the syrup. Add a little sugar to the jar.

Close the jar, and place it on the back of a stove or a heater, and let it get warm and steamy.

This will heat up your love for each other.

When you are done with this spell if you want to keep this person close, bury the jar in your backyard.

Argument Healer Oil -Healing Rifts Between Partners, Family and Friends


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