Astragalomancy -Divination Kit- Casting Dice, Fortune-Telling

Divination Kit with Casting Dice – Get Answers Quick, Peer into the Future, Pierce the Veil


The art of divination, also known as fortune-telling, has been practiced for millennia using dice. Like cards, dice are some of the oldest game pieces in history and can be used to peer into the future. This age-old art is called astragalomancy, or divination by use of dice. It is an ancient form of divination and is still used by many when seeking an answer to the unknown.


One of the most common forms of Dice Divination used today is accomplished by using three dice.

Your question is stated out loud and the dice are cast. The answer to your question depends on how the dice fall.


The Conjured Saint’s small, portable Casting Dice Kit contains everything you need to start practicing divination by dice. You will receive one small booklet containing information and instructions for casting dice and three (3) full-sized dice.


Astragalomancy -Divination Kit- Casting Dice, Fortune-Telling


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