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Aunt Zelda's Cigarette Holder Ring - Sliver - Witchy Chic -

We’ve curated Aunt Zelda Cigarette Holder's affordable replicas under $20 to an exquisite Cartier cigarette holder ring from the 1920s.


Taken, or completely distracted, Aunt Zelda cigarette holder ring in Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.


We searched all over and found an exact match character prop for this witch and perhaps you, too.

Learn more about what we’ve discovered about this token of elegance and independence, and how it shapes Zelda’s character and story as an intentional choice by the costume department.


Aunt Zelda Cigarette Holder

This is an excellent product! This Aunt Zelda cigarette holder is Elegant, but most importantly- practical!

Keeps your fingers from yellowing or smelling like tar and allows you to hold onto your phone, book, etc. while smoking a cigarette


Comes in 5.5 (16 mm)


- go smaller as you are wearing it on your forefinger, not at the base of your finger like a usual ring. Made of brass and silver plated.


If you look at the photo, you'll see three little gold balls on the shaft coming off the ring. The top one is slightly separated from the other two. It slides to adjust the tension. The other two are welded static at the bottom to hold it to the ring. Slide down toward the ring to open the hands, slide up towards the hands to tighten the tension.


Perfect Choice: Innovative ring cigarette holder is the best choice for playing mobile phones and games!

Protect Your Fingers: Adjustable cigarette holders are used to preventing fingers from being smoked yellow.


You will receive 1 ring.

Aunt Zelda's Cigarette Holder Ring - Sliver - Witchy Chic -


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