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Bayberry Premium Hand Dipped Stick Incense- Prosperity & Abundance Rituals

Bayberry is associated with a house blessing, good fortune, wishes, luck, and money-drawing spells. Bayberry gained its reputation as a household helper in colonial times, and there is still a robust domestic flavor to Bayberry magick. While other money herbs may target the realm of business, Bayberry is all about bringing cash into the home coffers. It is most effective when harnessing money you are owed/expecting: Reaping an investment, expediting a raise or bonus, or encouraging the repayment of a loan. Bayberry is also a “shopper’s charm”—that is, it can help you bounce back from the pain of overspending. (Especially around the holidays, or when your spending is motivated by generosity.)


A New England tradition involves burning a Bayberry candle on dark winter nights to bring prosperity at New Year’s. The old saying goes, “A bayberry candle burned to the socket brings joy to the heart and gold to the pocket.” Give Bayberry candles as Yule gifts to pass the blessings on to friends.


*Bayberry Blessings Sticks


Delight in our premium, hand-dipped Bayberry Blessings Sticks, scented with spicy bayberry and notes of pine needle and blue spruce. Burning bayberry is a tradition that is hundreds of years old and is done to draw money, luck, and abundance. When you burn our Bayberry Blessings Sticks, you fill your home with an intoxicating, earthy bayberry scent, and powerful prosperity energy. These are perfect for anyone seeking better business dealings, higher pay, or varied blessings. They are also an excellent addition to money rituals and spells.


Each order comes with ten hand-dipped sticks. Limited edition and limited quantities, due to the altar work and ingredients required of our process.

Bayberry Premium Hand Dipped Stick Incense- Prosperity & Abundance Rituals


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