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Black Hawk Ritual Image Candle -  Power - Guidance - Protection

Black Hawk is a famous Native American for standing up to the Americans who fought to take land from his Indian tribe, the Sauk Indians. Black Hawk became the Indian Chief of the Sauk Indians after the passing of Chief Pyesa. Black Hawk was a warrior of the Sauk and Fox tribe who lived from the late 18th to early 19th century. He is celebrated and honored for his bravery, resistance, and leadership in the face of devastating government and military action against his tribe. Chief Black Hawk is considered a saint and now serves as an Indian Spirit Guide. The Spiritual Churches of New Orleans recognize Black Hawk as a very active and strong spirit guide, as they have for nearly 100 years. Many Spiritualists today call upon and ritually work with Black Hawk for the purposes of guidance, protection, and justice.


Black Hawk candles are excellent for dealing with legal matters and fighting against enemies where justice is truly on your side. Use it to connect with your spirit guides and especially to petition the help of Chief Black Hawk himself. It can be used as a protection candle as well and is all-purpose when you are in need of guidance in any matter. 

Black Hawk Ritual Image Candle - Power - Guidance - Protection