Blessed Hands Oil- Salespersons, Homemakers, Family Prosperity

Blessed Hands


Increase abundance, attract blessings and cleanse magickal objects and tools to restore their power with The Conjured Saint’s Blessed Hands Oil. This oil is designed in the spirit of St. Joseph, the father figure and breadwinner who took it upon himself to raise Jesus Christ from a child to a man. St. Joseph is the patron saint of those who work with their hands, making this oil perfect for salespersons, homemakers, anyone who practices a skill or trade, and those whose efforts put food on the table for their family. 


Blessed Hands is made with lilies, the beautiful flower said to be sacred to St. Joseph and other holy figures. Lily is a good flower to work with if you are trying to refine a skill, whether it be your job or career or magickal arts and divination. It can be rubbed on the hands when cleansing, consecrating or charging sacred objects or spaces or blessing an individual or yourself.


To use Blessed Hands, make an offering to St. Joseph with a petition or prayer that the work of your hands and the thoughts of your mind be blessed, improved, and generate prosperity for you and your family. This oil may also be used to anoint candles, the hands, in the heels of your shoes to bring prosperity wherever you tread, in the corners of doorways to your home, or dabbed in rooms where important work is done.


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Blessed Hands Oil- Salespersons, Homemakers, Family Prosperity