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Blockbuster Candle and Petition Service -July 14th- Attract New Opportunities.

Every month, we offer a powerful Blockbuster Candle and Petition Service. Each service is conducted on the most auspicious day of the month, aligning with prosperous astrological events for effective pathworking and obstacle removal.


A Blockbuster working is specifically crafted to eliminate obstacles, hexes, and curses from your life, clearing the way for success and happiness.


This is a great ritual if you are facing these issues.


- Lack of money or money going quickly

- Opportunities that suddenly fall through

- Meeting obstacles at every turn

- Confusion with actions and thoughts

- Feeling like nothing you do seems to work


This service includes a candlelit ritual with a personalized petition. Our goal is to assist you in clearing unforeseen obstacles that might be impeding your progress. It's especially beneficial during transformative periods, setting the stage for new achievements.


Your service will involve a specially prepared candle anointed with our Blockbuster oil, aimed at breaking open blocked pathways so you can pursue your best life. This ritual is designed to open doors and attract new opportunities.


Before checking out, provide a brief petition outlining your service goal in the Comments box. After the ritual is complete, please allow up to a week or longer for photos and a detailed report. Thank you for your interest, and may magic infuse every aspect of your life!


Disregard the download. Reports can take up to a week to longer,


Your assignment for this community service is to tap into the power of collective prayer. When two or more people come together in prayer, your manifestations and intentions gain strength. On the day of the service, I encourage you to not only pray for your own goals but also to unite your intentions with everyone else participating in this community service, so that together, our shared aspirations can be heard and brought to fruition. 🙏✨


Blockbuster Candle and Petition Service -July 14th- Attract New Opportunities.

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