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Blue Kyanite Tumbled Gemstone -  Bring all of the Chakras into Alignment.

What is special about all colors of Kyanite? They are powerful healing crystals for you to use, as any color of Kyanite will benefit the ongoing healing of the body.


These crystals also aid the development of spiritual and psychic gifts. As Kyanite does not retain or accumulate negative vibrations of any type it does not need cleansing, other than to remove dust, and it is highly beneficial to use it often to align your chakras.


This is a high vibration stone with strong crystal energy.  All colors work within the third eye chakra stone, and they are also wonderful healing crystals for you to use at the throat chakra. 


Their energy will open the throat chakra, creating better communication and self-expression and may also help with dream recall and help to bring healing dreams.


There are a number of reasons why you might choose to use this crystal including: If you have been thinking, how can I align my chakras as well as make contact with my guardian spirit, this is the stone to use. 


If you have been working on making a connection to higher guidance, Kyanite may assist you with contacting your spirit guide.


It works very fast to align the chakras, and as it creates fast connections one piece is enough. Its impact when communicating assists you to speak your personal truth.


Kyanite has a strong resonance at the higher chakras. In particular, the throat and third eye chakras are easily stimulated by its vibration. 


It is a powerful stone to use in meditation, and it is most effective if you use it at the heart chakra as this is the central chakra of the body. 


You can either place it on the body if you are lying down or simply hold it in the center of your body as you sit and relax. 


You will feel the energy move both up and down through the chakras aligning them and clearing any negative energy there.


Once you relax into meditation, simply leave it there for however long seems right for you. You will know intuitively when the chakras are aligned, and it won't take long.


Do not soak Kyanite in water because its layered structure could be damaged. If you feel it does need cleaning, then gently wipe off with a damp cloth or place it on a clear quartz cluster.

Blue Kyanite is one of the very best stones for the throat chakra and the mind. I use it extensively for creativity, developing psychic gifts and intuition. Many people bring it to meetings, court hearings and legal proceedings as it encourages the truth to be told.


you will receive 1 stone.

Blue Kyanite Tumbled Gemstone - Bring all of the Chakras into Alignment.


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