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Blue Siberian Crystal Quartz Star of David Vogel Cut Pendant

This is a star of David pendant made of Siberian blue crystal. It is water clear with great craftsmanship. The specifications are 31*11 mm (1.22*0.43 inch ), Weight: 13 g. It is set in 925 silver. It also has a 420 mm (16.5 inches) silver chain and a nice pouch. 
Perfect size for all kinds of energy works. This lovely pendant will make a great centerpiece for any room, healing space, or work area! The pictures don't do it justice. It's much more beautiful when viewed in person.

Don't delay; take home this one of a kind piece.  

Siberian Blue Quartz - A brilliant purple laboratory-regrown crystal Siberian blue Quartz brings about intense visionary experiences and accesses cosmic consciousness, stimulating metaphysical vision and telepathy. Lifting the spirit and instilling deep peace, this stone facilitates speaking your truth and being heard. There is no other gemstone that so strikingly exhibits the blue ray as the Siberian blue quartz. The wind element energy of this stone evokes psychic awakening and can be of assistance to those who wish to develop the powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, prophecy, psychokinesis, mediumship, and interdimensional communication. 

The Star of David cut is one developed by Marcel Vogel - IBM research scientist and founder of Psychic Research, Inc. and is of two triangular cuts, one triangle pointing up and the other pointing down, symbolizing the higher and lower trinities, the coming together of Spirit and Earth, offering the wearer protection, wholeness and access to the Higher Self.

Blue Siberian Crystal Quartz Star of David Vogel Cut Pendant

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