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Cedar + Pink Larkspur Smudge Stick- Healing Magic, Attraction, psychic Abilities

Cedar and handpicked pink larkspur, wrapped with love. Enjoyed for cleansing and healing properties, keeping energies grounded and clear. Pink larkspur color varies from dark to pale pink.

The measurement is approx. 4".


Magical Properties of cedar


- Cedar is a powerful ingredient. Wands made from this wood are particularly great for cleansing and creating sacred spaces. It can be burned, planted, and used in incense. Its shavings can be burnt to consecrate and purify both places and tools.


- Cedar is associated with power and longevity. The essential oil has been used as a preservative throughout history, and the wood has been used for building coffins because is resistant to the elements and repels insects. Cedar can be used in charms for long life and growth or added to spells to increase their potency


- Cedar can be used to attract love and is best used when burnt or added to sachets and charms. 


- It can be utilized in protection charms, spells, rituals, and incenses. When hung above a door it will repel negative energy and spirits.


- It can be used to aid in the summoning of spirits during rituals, invocations, and evocations. 


- It will also aid in healing magic, can be burned to attract money, and to boost psychic abilities. 


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Cedar + Pink Larkspur Smudge Stick- Healing Magic, Attraction, Psychic Abilities

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