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Citrine Cut Gemstone- Success, Business, Prosperity, Luck, Healing, Clearing

Citrine Gemstone Success, Business, Prosperity, Luck, Healing, Clearing and Absorbing Negative Energies.


A beautiful Citrine stone to bring joy, prosperity, and success.


Citrine is an encouraging stone of wealth, success & true prosperity. It can help to bring joy & energy to the user, thus attracting abundance & peace into one's life. It will increase motivation & happiness as it filters out sorrow & anger, bringing balance to all physical & emotional levels. Powerful as a manifestation & healing stone, Citrine can help ease fear & open you up to acceptance in all things, from gratitude & love to material objects. It will help you to allow good things to come your way, including an increase in financial opportunities & adventure. A very beneficial stone, Citrine can also activate higher levels of consciousness helping your manifestation power.


Citrine is known as the “Success Stone” because it promotes success, abundance, and prosperity. Also known as the “Merchants Stone”, Citrine is particularly useful to promote success in business. Placing a Citrine in the cash box at a place of business is said to promote success. Carried, Citrine can bring prosperity and abundance, bringing good fortune in unexpected ways.

Citrine dissipates negative energies and helps to enhance healing energy opening the conscious mind to intuition and psychic power. Because it does not absorb negative energy, cleansing this stone is not necessary. Eliminating negativity, Citrine is a wonderful protection stone. Place Citrine under your pillow to prevent nightmares and to ensure a good night's rest. It helps to calm and soothe stressed conditions as well, helps eases hot flashes.

Since Citrine is the stone of success, its energies will aid in situations in need of success. Healing, protection, banishing and employment success to name a few. Try incorporating Citrine into your attraction workings to bring success and abundance relating to matters of the heart.


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Citrine Cut Gemstone- Success, Business, Prosperity, Luck, Healing, Clearing

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