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Clean Sweep Spiritual Cleanser Floor Wash, Protection & Abundance, Household

*Clean Sweep!*


Herbal Blend and Muslin Sachet

To Spiritually Cleanse the Home or Business


You'll receive one 3"X5" Bag of herbs and a bit of salt, and one 3"X4" Muslin Sachet, with complete instructions to make a Magick "tea" to mop the floor and sweep your house "clean", spiritually. Our instructions also include ideas for simple additives you can incorporate for more personalized intent 


Re-useable, up to three washes per sachet.


This listing truly reflects our philosophy--practical, affordable, effective, Magick that you can use in your daily life. For us, that's truly what it's all about! This particular floor wash is perfect for those who do spiritual work on the daily (or the weekly)--your home is your sanctuary and deserves to be a spiritually clean environment, because you deserve that as well.


With any “cleansing”, or removal process, work from the back of the house to the front of the house...and right out the front door! You’re “clearing” your space of old, unwanted energy.

With any “drawing”, or welcoming process--work from the front door to the back of the house. You’re “welcoming” new, desired energy into your space.


NOTE: Please test for color-fastness, etc. on any surface you will be using the wash on.



Start with clean floors--remove all dust and dirt, etc.

Gather your mop and bucket. You’ll also need a small pot or heatproof

glass measuring cup holding at least 2-3 cups of boiling water.

Pourtheherbsintothemuslinsachet, and secure firmly.

Place sachet in the pot or measuringcup.

Pour boiling water over the sachet and let it steep for 5 minutes.

Fill your mop bucket with warm water, and add the “tea” you’ve made from

the sachet.


Mop the floors using the above guidelines for clearing or drawing. If you

have upper floors or basement/garden level floors, do those first--finish up with the main floor and the main entryway to the home or space. 


You may also wipe down baseboards, etc. Again, check for colorfastness.

Carpeting? Place some of the mop water in a spray bottle-lightly spray

carpets and rugs and “sweep” over them with a broom.


Again, check for colorfastness. While we do not use dyes in our floor washes, sometimes herbs will definitely tint, or color, the water. If you have any questions, please convo.! Happy Washing....Enjoy Your Magick!


Thanks for looking. 

Clean Sweep Spiritual Cleanser Floor Wash, Protection & Abundance, Household


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