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Commanding & Compelling Oil- FORCE THEM TO DO AS YOU SAY



Have you been disrespected, cheated, or lied to? Is someone slacking on their end of a bargain, refusing to pay you money owed, or taking advantage of you? The Conjured Saint’s Commanding & Compelling Oil can help you set the record straight and put you back in your power. It is carefully crafted by blending two traditional Hoodoo formulas into one and designed for spellwork that commands people or situations in your favor! 


Commanding & Compelling is a multi-purpose oil that may be used in conjunction with other spell oils and tools to achieve a desired result. Use it for legal situations, breakups, to get your way with the boss, to make someone tell the truth, or to dominate when you need to stand up and assert yourself. 


This oil works well on spell candles. Choose a candle color that corresponds to your situation. For example, if you are looking for money owed, a green candle works best, brown for court cases, pink for love, purple for truth-telling, and so on. A quick and simple Command and Compel Spell is to write the person's name, or situation, six times on a purple candle. Write the words "command in my favor" over the name and dress it with the oil.


Commanding & Compelling may also be used to command respect from others throughout your day, by placing a few drops in the heels of your shoes before you leave the house. Dab it onto your pressure points to wear as an intoxicating, commanding perfume, while meeting with an ex-lover. Use it in a ritual bath to boost your personal power on the night of a New Moon. There are endless options with this oil, as it is a power booster to any ritual working that presents a challenge.

Commanding & Compelling Oil- FORCE THEM TO DO AS YOU SAY


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