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Custom Setting of Lights Just for You Service - 7 Day Candle Vigil

Custom Setting of Lights Just for You Service


A very special and personal service, the Setting of Lights is a traditional ritual performed by lightworkers and spiritual practitioners of different faiths throughout history. It involves a trusted spiritual practitioner lighting a candle for your intentions and allowing the candle to burn for seven days.


The Conjured Saint offers a Custom Setting of Lights Service for clients in need of powerful prayer and positivity. This is a private, exclusive service, tailored to your specific intent. A dressed, charged, and blessed 7-Day Candle of your choice burns on my sacred altar for a full week. 


Your candle will be dressed with specific ingredients and conjure oils relative to your need. This is an important part of the process and requires an experienced and knowledgeable lightworker who is familiar with the correct herbs and roots to match to your intention. I will ensure your candle is properly anointed and undisturbed in an area free of drafts or noxious energy, so you can rest assured knowing that your candle is safely at work. 


For the service to be performed correctly, you must submit a petition at checkout. The petition will be anointed with the appropriate oils and placed under the candle. You may also choose to include a picture and/or Bible verses or prayers that are sacred to you. Please include the specific information for verses or prayers you would like printed and the name and birthday of the person the candle is being burned for. A brief description of the situation may be made in the petition, but is not necessary. You can give me as little or as much information as you want, and please be assured that I keep all your information confidential and it is only used for the purpose of the ritual you are requesting.


You will receive a photo of your candle and other items on Day 1 when I begin, as well as the 7th Day when it is finished.  You will also receive the interpretation of the burning and results which include my observations of flame, wax, and smoke patterns and their meanings. If your candle needs to begin during a certain phase of the moon or on a specific day or date, please let me know. Sometimes people want to burn their 7-Day candle all at once.  As this is a custom, personalized service, I will work with you to ensure the ritual is carried out according to your preferences.


To participate in this service, please choose a 7-Day Candle from my Shop and add it to your cart. Then, add this service to your cart. Include the petition and information needed to complete the service in the Notes section at checkout. Any shipping costs you are charged will be refunded to you. 


Keep in mind that 7-Day Candles are often used to add to the power of other spellwork you are performing or open roads to future spellwork. If further rituals are suggested, you are under no obligation to continue or purchase further items.  I will merely make suggestions or recommendations if I am asked.  You may also request a consultation with me if the situation is particularly complicated.


Thank you and many blessings.

Custom Setting of Lights Just for You Service - 7 Day Candle Vigil


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