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Cut And Clear Oil- Cleansing, Clearing, Cutting Ties, Protection & Blessings

Cut ties, remove a haunted past, cleanse away evil, and eradicate negative influences from your life with The Conjured Saint Cut & Clear Oil. Specially blended and blessed to remove bad influences and toxic energies, Cut & Clear is recommended for anyone healing from a difficult breakup, attempting to release a sour friendship, or trying to banish an addictive habit. Finally get over an ex-lover, friend, family member, or routine that you can’t seem to shake.


Cut & Clear Oil is formulated with lapis lazuli to promote self-confidence and protection, clear quartz for healing energy and cleansing of the chakras, lemon peel to cleanse and purify, myrtle to promote happiness, lemongrass for psychic cleansing and opening, basil for moving forward, and rosemary for health and healing. The ingredients work together harmoniously to dispel confusion and weakness, making this oil the perfect magickal accompaniment for protection and purification rituals.


Cut & Clear Oil can be used in a variety of ways, including directly on the body, to anoint objects, or during ritual work. The Conjured Saint has included a suggested Cut & Clear ritual to help alleviate the stress of creating your own spell and help you rid yourself of excess negative energy as soon as possible.


Disclaimer: Cut & Clear Oil is not intended to treat medical conditions, including addiction. It is formulated to help remove spiritual obstacles and strengthen resolve, but should not be used in place of physical treatment. 


Cut & Clear Spell


You Will Need:


One black candle

One white candle



Cut & Clear Oil

Lemon juice

Basil or Rosemary (or both)


Using both a black and white candle in a ritual is a powerful way to cast off what’s plaguing you and invite refreshing, positive energy into your life. Black and white both have cleansing properties, but white specifically draws positivity. 


Find a quiet space and place both candles opposite of each other. Use the pen and paper to make a left and right column. Write what you wish to release on the left side and what you wish to draw into your life on the right side. 


Anoint the black candle with Cut & Clear Oil from the center down to the base. Squeeze the lemon juice over the left column of your paper (what you want to rid yourself of) and read Psalm 10 out loud. Carefully tear the paper in half and place the column containing what you wish to rid yourself of under the black candle. Please take care to ensure the candles are secure.


Take the remaining paper containing what you seek and fold it in half towards you. Place it under the white candle and lay the basil or rosemary nearby, preferably touching the paper.


Light both candles and visualize yourself throwing the chains of the past off and accepting better situations and people into your life. Realize you learned a valuable lesson from the experience and that it is time to move on to greater things.



“The Conjured Saint brought hope back into my life. I decided to be straight forward honest with a request for help and within 24 hours of just *ordering* the products with his guidance--I did not sugar coat it, but came direct from my desperate and worn out heart--my situation shifted. I am grateful.”- Hannah


What are Magickal Oils?


Magickal oils have been used for their mystical, energizing, and transformative powers for thousands of years by many cultures and religions for ritual and occult purposes. The use of magickal oil goes back to ancient times. Spanning the boundaries of culture and doctrine, their widespread popularity throughout the globe speaks to their effectiveness and strength. Today, we use these sacred oils in many of the same ways as our ancestors, harnessing a powerful energy that transcends space and time.


An important use of magickal oil is to strengthen your intent for a specific task, or even strengthen your relationship with spirit. Magickal oil acts as a beacon for energy you want to attract, making it a powerful addition to any ritual or intention. You can use magickal oil as an aid or support to focus your energy throughout the day to your goals. Applying your intent with the oil helps opens the way for energy to flow towards the goal you want to achieve.


Oils are known for their spiritually-infused uplifting properties. The Conjured Saint offers a variety of magickal oils formulated for healing, consecration, protection, enhancing psychic visions, honoring Spirits and Deities, drawing love, luck and money, repelling evil, and turning back curses and the Evil Eye. Oils are an essential element to any spell, prayer, altar, or spiritual practice.


The Conjured Saint sacred oils are hand-blended formulated with ancient principles and magick, but made with purity and perfection in mind. We offer a wide selection of premium blessed oils tailored to your specific needs and desires, designed to be a spiritual application and support your individual journey and draw positive vibrations into your life.


How to Incorporate Magickal Oils into Your Practice


How you use The Conjured Saint oils depends on your spiritual background, practices, and beliefs. Designed to be versatile and aid any spiritual practice or manifestation, our oils can be applied to the body, objects of importance, or spiritual tools.


Anointing - The application of oils to the body or objects is called, “anointing.” Anointing is the perfect way to supercharge candles, talismans, and other magickal tools, because it helps draw positive energy to the object, thereby strengthening its power. When seeking to draw positivity to your work or spiritual tool, rub the oil with one hand over the object in an inward motion towards you. To dispel negative energy, rub in an outward motion. Likewise, do the same for your body. Anointing the body with oils is an excellent way to strengthen your intentions. The aroma of the oil acts to keep your desires and prayers at the forefront of your mind throughout the day. The more thought and concentration you put into your prayers, intentions, or spells, the stronger they become. “Remember intent is what drives the power of the tool”.


Offerings – Because of their pleasant and strong properties, magickal oils make the ideal offering to your favored Spirit or Deity. When using oil as an altar offering, you may pour it into a special dish and leave it on your altar, or simply uncork the bottle and leave it open. It’s always beneficial to dedicate an oil offering before presenting it to your favored Spirit or Deity.


Home Use - Magickal oils can be sprayed into the atmosphere or used to clean the home. Our oils have the ability to help change a force field. If you’ve been down on your luck or noticing low vibrations in the home, use the oils to clear away harmful psychic energy and summon light energy instead. Bring love to your sacred space, or keep love flowing, with one of our love or desire oils. Burn a bit of our money oil in a burner or in boiling water and allow its fragrance and energy to fill the home to bring good fortune. All of our oils can be used in the home for protection, cleansing, healing, or drawing positivity into your life...

Cut And Clear Oil- Cleansing, Clearing, Cutting Ties, Protection & Blessings


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