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D.U.M.E Powder - The Most Powerful Black Magic Powder

D.U.M.E is the Most Powerful Black Magic Powder used in Witchcraft and Voodoo Spells. It is a serious cursing formula used in the same manner as Crossing, Jinx killer, Damnation, Goofer Dust, and other products of that kind.


Use it when someone has done something against you to create tension and strife toward someone in your life. It can be used offensively or defensively, for destruction, revenge and cursing spells. Sprinkle on black candles, vehicle tires, poppets, and Voodoo dolls. Place some on a doorknob or a surface your enemy will touch.


* Write the name of the individual on parchment paper whom you wish to cause distress in their life. Concentrate on the incantation. Sprinkle some of the powder on the paper and place it in a hidden dark spot. Repeat the ceremony for any other names.


D.U.M.E Powder should be used with extreme caution!

Contains potent powders, roots and malefic herbs


You will receive one Small Glass Corked Bottle.


D.U.M.E Powder - The Most Powerful Black Magic Powder


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