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Daily Prayer Ritual Oil-  Roll-on Perfume- Prepared & Steeped For A Full Alchemy

Many have asked about my secret to prosperity and happiness! It’s simple: Daily Prayer!


Daily Prayer is the signature roll-on perfume oil worn by Me each day. It is meant to be applied to the pressure points and allow the warmth of your body to carry the fragrance.


This magickal oil was carefully designed to thank the Universe for your blessings and encourage them to continue. It is to be used every morning to help set and open your spiritual avenues, amp up manifestation energy, and create a circuit to the divine. Ask for God’s powerful presence in everything you do and apply Daily Prayer to serve as a strong reminder throughout the day that you are grateful for what you have and open to new blessings. When you see the beauty in everything around you, you attract happiness, love, and luck.


Master-crafted from Tonka bean, tobacco flower, vanilla, and dark coco, Daily Prayer features an enchanting aroma and many magickal properties. Tobacco produces a very grounding and expansive energy flow. If you are holding onto dense energies that are nearing their readiness for release, the grounding quality of tobacco will encourage your body to release them and welcome them in healing, blessings, peace, happiness, and abundance. Crushed Tonka beans brewed in herbal tea are said to cure the soul, relieve symptoms of depression and confusion, chase away negative thoughts, and boost the immune system. It is also believed that holding the bean in one hand while whispering a wish leads to its fulfillment. 


Daily Prayer is available in limited quantities due to the intensive manifestation and blessing rituals that go into its creation.


It comes in a 1/6-ounce roller bottle!



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Perfume Oils & Spiritual Mist Sprays

Indulge in the power of enchantment with The Conjured Saint’s new luxury Hoodoo Perfume Oils and Spiritual Mist Sprays. Now you can bring a little magick with you wherever you go, discreetly manifesting your intentions and attracting luck and positivity, all while smelling divine. 


The Conjured Saint’s roll-on Perfume Oils and Spiritual Mist Sprays are artfully hand-blended, ritually-prepared, and steeped for a full alchemy month, or forty days, to ensure each herb, flower, and crystal (and their corresponding powers) are fully incorporated into every drop. Made in small batches to maximize freshness and quality, each roll-on and spray is infused with the proper magickal elements to ensure potency, power, and intent. This means every formula is carefully researched before being hand-brewed, to maximize its powers of manifestation and all herbs and flowers are selected based on their notoriety in folklore and magickal properties. Before labeling, each bottle is cleansed with sage and infused with healing vibrations and blessings.


Charmed, blessed, and blended, our fragrances are designed to work with your intent, whether it be manifestation, personal growth, or closure. Simply apply to the pulse points, such as the wrists, temples, neck, chest, behind the ears, or anywhere else your heart desires. Since heat activates perfume, the warmth of your pulse provides the ideal spot to apply a scent.


Our body products go on smooth and leave your skin delightfully scented and moisturized. Simply spritz the spray or massage the oil into your skin until it is completely absorbed. Fragrances last up to six hours and can be reapplied as desired.

Daily Prayer Ritual Oil- Roll-on Perfume- Prepared & Steeped For A Full Alchemy


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