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Don Dinero Ritual Oil- Bring in Cash, Abundance, Wealth, Increase your Cash Flow

Don Dinero Ritual Oil - Designed to draw money into your wallet, home, and palm of your hand. 


Don Juan del Dinero, a.k.a. Mr. Money, is the folk saint or spirit of money, prosperity, and abundance in the Venezuelan spiritism cult of Maria Lionza. The veneration of Mr. Money has spread into the folk magic practices of many traditions, and the image of Mr. Money can be found on many spiritual products sold for use in occult magic.


Folklore- Don Juan del Dinero is invoked to help attract money and prosperity into people's lives. And will help you increase your cash flow, improve your business, boost your savings and even help at games of chance!  His colors are silver and gold (and green in the U.S.), and his special prayer or oracion, is as follows:


"I (name) invoke the sublime influence of the Holy Name of Almighty God and Don Juan del Dinero so that you may offer me protection and help so that you may free me from poverty and need, that you provide me with abundance and happiness, that the star of good luck shine for me and may fortune and success accompany me in all that I set out to do, under your patronage I place myself. Don Juan del Dinero, do not leave me in forgetfulness, and always be by my side. Amen."


Don Juan del Dinero can great wealth and prosperity to worshippers.


This oil is crafted with genuine Brazilian gold & silver flakes, shredded money, and my original scent created from dark opal basil and banana. 


Use Don Dinero Ritual Oil to anoint body power points, spell candles, money, resume, good luck mojos, cash register, business entrance points (doors, mailbox, telephone, computer), and other ritual objects used for business success spell workings.

Don Dinero Ritual Oil- Bring in Cash, Abundance, Wealth, Increase your Cash Flow


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