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Enlighten Ritual Candle- Spiritual Awareness

Red Ginger + Saffron + Amber

Spicy earth notes lend to the undeniable uniqueness of this leathery blend. Fused with the powdery sweetness of Amber, this scent embodies the boldness of nature.

Spiritual Awakening

Find unbridled clarity with the Enlighten Ritual Candle. This complexly aromatic candle will foster your spiritual awareness and help guide you to a desired destination. By harnessing this ethereal balance, you will be more equipped to travel the path you were destined for.


Before you light the candle, write down your venture, pathway, guide, or spiritual awakening on a small piece of paper. Fold and place it under the candle. Focus on your intention at the candle burns. Use wisely & do no harm.


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Mookaite: Nurturing and supportive, helps with difficult decisions.


Elder Flower & Safflower


White & Sage Green: Cleansing + Peaceful Knowledge

Enlighten Ritual Candle- Spiritual Awareness


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