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Fairy Stones Large-  Lucky Charm, Brings Good Health & Prosperity To The Owner

These are called Fairy stones! Most of these are found in some regions of Canada. They are actually formed by underwater colonies of tiny organisms. 


The property that is discussed in most legends is that of luck and prosperity! Fishermen used to carry these stones with them or wear them during fishing and hunting trips! For many centuries, these stones have also been used as gifts of love! Each one is unique and believed to embody pure, unique love toward a partner.


Because these are concretions, they embody several grounding, stabilizing properties. They’re said to help the wearer remain pragmatic and stabilize thought processes.


I’ve used these for meditation and find that they really help me stay focused each stone has a very unique energy and leads to a very different meditation session! Super cool!


Many psychics and those working on Astral Travel also prefer these stones as they help create a grounding tether during these activities.


One of the neatest things I’ve heard about these stones is that people believe they CHOOSE their owner. Once a Fairy Stone has chosen you, it remains your little helper as long as it's needed! Awesome!


This listing is for 1 stone.


I will listen to the fairy stones and choose one who is singing for you.



More Info on Fairy Stones..


These clay stone concretions are composed of calcium carbonate and were formed in Quaternary deposits left in lakes by receding glaciers. They were named Fairy Stones by the Algonquin tribe of Northern Quebec in Canada, which I'm told is the only place they are found. They were carried by these northern natives as good luck totems. Lovers offered the most beautiful ''FAIRY STONES'' to their loved ones and the biggest specimens occupied a place of honor in their homes. According to the legend, these special stones assured protection against the bad spirits and brought Good Health and Prosperity to the occupants of the premise.


One side of the concretion is usually smooth while the opposite one is often rough with puffed up spherics. The irregular lines on certain stones are caused by the traces left by miniature worms or organic remains which were fossilized millions of years ago. To me, these patterns look like stories left eons ago to be discovered by one who can decipher the code. Special stones such as these have revealed themselves to me to be of a special order of stone being called Scribal Stones. These are stones that are visibly imprinted with letters, numbers, symbols, or other such markings holding a message. When you connect deeply with a Scribal Stone, you will see the glyphs change as your message is written or rewritten before your eyes. These swirling formations are natural living labyrinths that can take you deep into a magical realm, accessible only through the journey inwards.


Fairy Stone will give you soothing energies that will make you feel calm and centered.

It will protect your physical body and bring you improved emotional well-being.

It will aid spiritual grounding and help you form a strong connection with the natural world.

It will guide you in making contact with nature spirits and fairies!

Fairy Stone can be used for good luck, abundance, and prosperity.

This stone will inspire you to accept yourself wholeheartedly, flaws, and all.

When you can truly understand where you are coming from and what motivates you, you will be able to better navigate life.


Whatever your beliefs are, the energies that resonate with Fairy Stone will bring forth a powerful vibration of unconditional love for others and for the earth!


Thanks for looking. 

Fairy Stones Large-  Lucky Charm, Brings Good Health & Prosperity To The Owner


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