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Father Farley’s Triple Blessed Holy Water

Father Farley’s Triple Blessed Holy Water is the ultimate Holy Water you can obtain! Blessed by 2 Priests and 1 Cardinal from the Archdiocese of Chicago/Roman Catholic Church. This holy water contains water obtained from Lourdes France as well as triple blessed holy salt. It’s 100% pure and safe for any and all uses. Even the 100% Aluminum bottle is triple blessed! Every bottle has a locking spray top which allows you to quickly spray a fine mist and then lock it so it doesn’t spray/leak into your purse or backpack. Everything was thought out with the utmost care as to make sure that this holy water will get you through the toughest of times and vanquish evil!


Blessed by 2 Ordained Priests & 1 Cardinal
Contains Water from Lourdes France
Contains Triple Blessed Salt
100% Aluminium Bottle with Locking Spray

you will receive 1 bottle 

Father Farley’s Triple Blessed Holy Water, Protection, Remove Dark Energy

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